UW-Madison COUNPSY 650 - Legal Interviews (11 pages)

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Legal Interviews

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Legal Interviews


Material for exam 2

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University of Wisconsin, Madison
Counpsy 650 - Theory and Practice in Interviewing

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CounsPsych 650 Lecture 12 Outline of Last Lecture I Get the interview a Clues b Cover letter resume c Curriculum vita II Get the job admission to grad school a Basic professional etiquette b Interview questions c Prepare for interview self Outline of Current Lecture I Legal Interviewing a 4 types i Police interviews 2 ii Interviews for lawyers 2 II Police interviews a Techniques b Key points III Interrogation of suspects a Types These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute b Techniques c Questions d Kinesic Interviewing e Implicit Bias IV Attorneys a 5 distinct categories i Client Interviews ii Witness Interviews iii Jury Selection Interviews iv Direct examinations v Cross examinations V Adversarial vs Restorative Justice Current Lecture I Legal Interviewing Differences from CP Basic Attending Skills o Decreased emphasis on openness and willingness to communicate about oneself o Decreased emphasis on honesty and forthrightness for interviewer o Decreased emphasis on collaboration with the interviewee o Higher stakes 4 types o Police Interviews 1 Police officers questioning individuals 2 Detectives interrogating suspects o Interviews for lawyers 1 Lawyers deposing individuals to gather info on event case 2 Lawyers and judges questioning during court proceedings II Police interviews Interviews with witnesses o Victims o Eyewitnesses o Others with info related to event Interrogation of suspects Techniques o Mug books looking through pics of individuals with similar records o Social remembering used with multiple witnesses interview in dyads or groups recall enhanced by interpersonal cues o Cognitive Interview involves context restatement through probes to enhance or spark Key Points o Timing sooner the better o Getting specific descriptions o Cultural considerations Young Gender Racial ethnic background differences o Professional Witnesses person who is always

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