UT Knoxville ANSC 160 - Final Exam Study Guide (2 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


study guide for the final exam for ANS 160, covering the dairy industry.

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Ansc 160 - Intro to Animal Science
Intro to Animal Science Documents
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ANSC 160 1st Edition Final Study Guide GradeBuddy Study Guide Dairy Exam 1 What are the numbers for the amount of total cows in the United States Answer 9 100 000 2 How many cows are usually per herd Answer 130 3 One cow will on average produce how many pounds of milk Answer 18 900 4 Name the four key dairy states Answer California Wisconsin New York and Pennsylvania 5 How much of the Agricultural Receipts are from the Dairy Industry Answer 10 and ranks second behind cattle production 6 Nationally how much money does the dairy industry make Answer 21 227 695000 7 Name the Industry Trends discussed in lecture Answer Fewer and Larger herds slightly fewer cows more milk per cow total production somewhat constant shift in geographic areas of production 8 How does milk sell in the market Answer Farmers are paid per 100 pounds of milk or 22 50 per hundred pounds 9 What are the uses of raw milk Answer Cheese Fluid milk butter frozen products non fat dry milk and other miscellaneous 10 What are the percentages for the uses of milk Answer Cheese 49 fluid milk 28 butter 7 frozen products 7 non fat dry milk 3 other 6 11 Name the herds discussed in lecture Answer Holstein Jersey Brown Swiss Guernsey Ayrshire and Milking shorthorn 12 Describe the Holstein cow Answer 95 of the national herd originated in Holland black and white colored or red and white colored weighs around 1500 lbs yields about 20 500 lbs in milk of butterfat 3 7 13 Describe the Jersey Cow Answer 4 of the national herd orginated in Jersey Island fawn colored but can be light or dark as well as can have spots weighs around 1000 lbs yields about 14 750 lbs in milk of butter fat 4 7 14 Describe the Brown Swiss Cow Answer 0 4 of the national herd originated in Switzerland blackish brownish color with light tips weighs around 1400 lbs yields about 16 700 lbs in milk butterfat 4 0 15 Describe the Guernsey Cow Answer 0 3 of national herd originated in Guernsey Island light fawn and white color with yellow skin weighs 1100 lbs yields 14 100 lbs of milk butterfat 4 5 16 Describe the Ayrshire Cow Answer 0 2 of national herd originated in Scotland mahogany and white color can be with spots weighs 1200 lbs yields 15 100 lbs in milk butterfat 3 9 17 Describe the milking shorthorn cow Answer 0 1 of national herd originated in Great Britian deep red and white or roan colored weighs around 1250 lbs yields about 13 900 lbs in milk butterfat 3 6 18 Though the dairy industry is a relatively purebred industry when crossbreeding does happen it is because of what factors Answer Fertility calving ease health traits and productive life 19 REMEMBER dairy industry values females 20 Know the different stages of life and the details surrounding them Answer weaning group housing heifer housing breeding calving lactation 21 What is mastitis Answer inflammation of udder most costly disease in this industry 22 How long after one calve before a female is expected to get pregnant again Answer 60 90 days 23 What are the keys to profitability Answer high number of lactations low calf deaths high production level disease resistance 24 Name the type of housing systems Answer tie stall free stall bedded pack milking parlors herring bone and parallel and milking parlors rotary 25 KNOW THE DAIRY HERD IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION and some of the things its done nationwide records herd data transmitted to processessing center in NCSU management records returned to farmer milk samples information shipped sent to all farmers etc 26 Know the scales and grades in the lab handouts provided during lecutrue 27 Go over herd exercise provided in lecture

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