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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Test 3 Study Guide: Includes key terms from lectures 8-11; summaries of key theories and ideas; selected examples from lectures 8-11.

Study Guide
University of Alabama
Tcf 112 - Motion Pict Hy Criticism
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TCF 112 1st Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 8 11 People Woody Allen Directed Annie Hall Jim Jarmusch A Cinema of Outsiders Antithesis to mythical studio films My aesthetic is minimal I make films about little things that happen between human beings Jarmusch John Cassavetes The Independent Spirit A Woman Under the Influence 1977 He acted to fund his own projects Films have seemingly unplanned visual design and emotional raw performances Blurs the line between acting and being Russ Meyer Sexploitation Films Faster Pussycat Kill Kill 1965 King of Nudies Wrote directed edited and distributed his own films Films satirize conservative values and artistic pretensions Criticized for his use of women Celebrated for woman s narrative power Steven Spielberg Studied at UC Long Beach Directed Close Encounters of the Third Kind Andy Warhol Experimental Films Best known American pop artist Worked in a wide range mediums Made 60 factory films Empire 8 hour shot of the Empire State Building Sleep 6 hour shot of man sleeping Blowjob man standing smoking cigarette Chelsea Girls double 16mm projections Francis Ford Coppola Directed Apocalypse Now Studied at UCCLA Sidney Lumet Directed Dog Day Afternoon Stanley Kubrick Directed Doctor Strangelove Richard Roundtree Was a leading man in many Blaxploitation movies in the 1970s He is best known for his role as John Shaft in Shaft 1971 George A Romero Social Trauma Night of the Living Day 1968 Re defined sub genre for a new generation Used maligned sub genre to critique social inequalities Night of the Living Dead 1968 racism Dawn of the Dead 1978 consumerism Day of the Dead 1985 militarism Land of the Dead 2005 class Romero s zombie films vilify callous humans not monsters Melvin Van Peebles Wrote directed starred in Sweet Sweetback s Baadasssss Song Pam Grier Actress Starred in Foxy Emile de Antonio Political Documentaries Most influential political doc Filmmaker of his generation Best known films Rush to Judgment 1967 In the Year of the Pig 1968 McCarthy Death of a Witch Hunter 1975 Used found footage and government archival footage to construct his critical historical doc Dennis Hopper Directed Easy Rider Martin Scorsese Directed Raging Bull Studied at NYU John Schlesinger Directed Midnight Cowboy George Lucas Directed Star Wars Arthur Penn Directed Bonnie Clyde Robert Altman Directed M A S H Al Pacino One of the greatest actors in all of film history Established himself during one of film s greatest decades the 1970s Has become an enduring and iconic figure in the world of American movies Starred in Scarface and The Godfather Robert Aldrich Directed Kiss Me Deadly Gordon Parks Directed Shaft Edward R Murrow Murrow know for WWII radio broadcasts Suspicious of TV s power to inform and function as a social good Murrow s TV shows Person to Person celebrity interviews See It Now hard news show See It Now s A Report on Senator Joseph McCarthy in 1954 led to McCarthy s censure and fall from grace Harold Russell Starred in The Best Years of Our Lives Dashiell Hammett Major Writer of the Hard boiled Detective Stories Directed The Maltese Falcon Billy Wilder Directed The Lost Weekend Directed Double Indemnity Joseph McCarthy Republican U S Senator Became the most visible public face of a period in which Cold War tensions fueled fears of widespread Communist He was noted for making claims that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers inside the United States federal government and elsewhere William Wyler Directed Ben Hurr Directed The Best Years of Our Lives Raymond Chandler Directed Double Indemnity Jules Dassin Directed The Naked City Terms The Independent Producer Paramount decree led to rise of the Independent Producer Work to facilitate the creative freedom of the writer and director Blaxploitation Emerged in the early 1970 s Genre Features Black actors in leading roles Black characters with tremendous agency Drug use sex extreme violence fancy cars and fancy clothes Popular funk soul music Genre is celebrated it gave high profile work to black cast and crew Genre is criticized it perpetuated race and class based stereotypes Cahiers du cinema Famous post war film journal Published the criticism of the young cineastes Energized world film culture and made possible the emergence of the discipline of film studies in universities Later became more political and more theoretical Became the basis for academic film studies and the contemporary film theory Hollywood Renaissance Birth of the Modern Blockbuster 1975 Today Called Hollywood Renaissance Saw significant changes in Business of the Blockbuster Technology of the Blockbuster Culture of the Blockbuster Code MPAA The Motion Picture Producers and Distributers Association of America MPDAA not the MPAA Enlisted H Hays to internally regulate movies moral content in order to avert the threats of local censors The Production Code Administration was headed by Joseph Breen and governed the depiction of crime and sex censoring the industry New Hollywood Increased interest in European style art films non traditional narratives outside characters heightened levels of sexuality and violence Unprecedented number of foreign and soft core pornographic films began to appear in mainstream theatre The Production Code weakened and changed MPAA ratings system allowed increase in artistic freedom concerning content and consumer choice LGBT filmmaking p 392 The contributions of LGBT filmmakers are often erased or overlooked 1970s saw the rise of the gay rights movement The first LGBT activist movie was Different from the Others Multiplex Theatre with two or more screens Ludic structure Engineering Subjectivity Literature 3rd person ideas Cinema 2nd person ideas and sensory Games 1st person ideas sensory and interactivity Social melodrama The social problem film Characterized by Somber thematic tone Disillusionment Cinematic realism redefined acknowledges social crisis Hollywood s Version of Neorealism Common Elements Professional and non professional actors Studio and location shooting Tarnished but redemptive heroes Happier endings than Italian Neorealism Anti hero Characteristic of film noir Alienated and cynical At crossroads can choose good or evil Tragically flawed Between worlds Post war film movements This period extended from 1946 to 1968 Saw numerous global film movements including postwar Hollywood cinema Italian neorealism the French new way the recognition of Japanese cinema in the

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