ISU PHY 102 - Final Exam Study Guide (5 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
Illinois State University
Phy 102 - Atoms to Galaxies

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PHY 102 Final Study Guide I Chapter 1 Chapter 3 a Difference between scientific knowledge and unsubstantiated belief b Ways we know rather than merely believe c Heliocentrism and geocentrism i Homocentric spheres of Eudoxus ii Ptolemaic model including epicycles and deferents and how they explained the varying lengths of the seasons equants d Aristotle s arguments against Earth s Motion e Proofs of the size Eratosthenes and shape of the earth f Copernican Tychonic and Keplerian models g The telescope observations of Galileo and how they crushed the Ptolemaic model but did NOT prove heliocentrism h The trial of Galileo including special reading i Empirical evidence not considered because this was not a trial of science rather a trial of authority ii Galileo was suspected of heresy because he threatened the Greek basis for the existence of God and he did not take the Bible literlaly i II Kepler s 3 laws of planetary motion Graphs from Chapter 4 a Role of Galileo in creating modern empirical science claims based on observable evidence b Constant and accelerated motion graphs i Slope intercept area under lines or curves ii Equations and definitions 1 x x0 vt a Vf 3 m s A 1 m s T 2s 2 v v0 at constant acceleration III Chapter 6 a Differences between vectors and scalars i Displacement D and distance d b Velocity and speed Distinctions instantaneous and average speed or velocity V x t S d t c The effect of acceleration upon velocity d How to calculate average speed IV Chapter 7 a Newton s 3 laws of motion i Law of inertia F ma ii F mv t leads to impulse momentum relation 1 F change in time m change in velocity iii How a horse CAN pull a cart despite third law b Solving problems using these laws of motion c Momentum p mv d Solving problems using conservation of momentum principle p i pf V Chapter 8 a Work Energy Relationship Fd change in E not confused with impulse momentum relationship b Conservation of energy Ei Ef c Energy and power definitions i Ke mv2 ii PEg mgh iii

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