WVU NSG 411 - Final Exam Study Guide (6 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
West Virginia University
Nsg 411 - Complex Community Systems-CAP
Complex Community Systems-CAP Documents

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NSG 411 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Final Review All semester long we have been talking about advocacy as one of the PH interventions from the infamous Intervention Wheel That s what this week is about how you as an RN can impact community health through policy and political action 1 POLICY and HEALTH POLICY CH nurses are an important part of this process because they work where people are living their lives schools places of employment homes churches clinics etc What is a policy is defined as a plan of action or an agenda that outlines steps or actions to implement a stated goal or objective Policies are laws regulations or administrative rulings when issued by national state or local govts They are called public policy How is health policy different Health policy refers to specific policies involving health care Distributive health policy promotes non governmental activities that are thought to be beneficial to society as a whole Ex The Nurse Training Act Title Vlll of the Public Health Service Act which was established in 1965 and provided federal subsidies for nursing education in an effort to address the need for more nurses Redistributive health policy changes the allocation of resources from one group to another usually to a broader or different group Ex Medicare in that provisions under Medicare were expanded to provide a broader range of benefits and coverage to needy groups such as those older than age 65 and the permanently disabled of any age Regulatory health policy is one that attempts to control the allocation of resources by directing those agencies or persons who offer resources or provide public services Ex certain government regulations set standards for the licensure of health care organizations hospitals and health care providers nurses Regulatory health policy is often used to protect the health of the community In US we have mandatory reporting of certain communicable diseases Broad scope including international communicable disease

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