GSU MK 3010 - Final Exam Study Guide (8 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


This is a study guide for Test 3 it covers chapters 15 through 19.

Study Guide
Georgia State University
Mk 3010 - Basic Marketing
Basic Marketing Documents

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MK3010 1st Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 18 25 Lecture 18 Oct 30 Ch 15 Supply Chain Management indirect retailers buy from other organizations and sell to USA Direct channel buy airline tickets online Marketing channels add value reduce number of transactions increase value for consumers more efficient and effective Designing Marketing Channels direct indirect and two intermediaries Managing the Marketing Channel and Supply Chain Horizontal interaction with retailers Vertical manufacturer and retailer down supply chain Types of vertical marketing systems VMS vertical marketing systems cooperate own part of with channel of distribution I will be manufacturing and whole sellers who reach my customer like zara who designs and manufacturer own clothes Admin VMS channel functions because power of channel members Contractual VMS contract dictates how channel will function How a lot of channels are today Franchise extreme form of licensing dictates everything on lists Managing Marketing Channel and supply chain through strategic relationships Strategic relationship work together trusts between Kroger to give best prices they can to sell to customers Interdependence Kroger depend on PNG to bring the products Credible commitments both make investments Lecture 19 November 6 Ch 15 Electronic Data Interchange computers to computer exchange of business documents from a retailer to vendor and back Reduces cycle time because electronic reduced time Easily analyzed and used easy to download Enhances quality of communications more accurate Vendor managed inventory Manufacturer is responsible for maintaining the retailers inventory levels in each of its stores Manufacture automatically sends merchandise to store and distribution center when inventory reach s a certain level Manufactures don t have to focus on items already in stores Retailer no longer needs to monitor inventory levels and place orders Retailers need to monitor VMI closely Distribution Center VS Direct Store

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