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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Georgia
Ling 2100 - Study of Language
Study of Language Documents

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LING 2100 Exam 4 Study Guide Language Variation Language Varieties Language Variety o Used by linguists as a cover term to refer to any form of language characterized by systematic features Sociolinguistics o The study of the relationship between language varieties and social structure as well as the interrelationships among different language varieties Extralinguistic Factors o Region socioeconomic status age gender and ethnicity that define speech communities Communicative Isolation o Results when a group of speakers forms a coherent speech community relatively isolated from speakers outside of that community Mutual Intelligibility o If speakers of one language variety can understand speakers of another language variety o Also means they are dialects of the same language Standard Dialect o Linguistically speaking no one dialect or language is better more correct more systematic or more logical than any other o Serves as the primary means of communication across dialects Nonstandard Dialect o Other dialects within a language but should not be considered inferior Prescriptive Standard o The standard by which we make judgments of right and wrong Language Contact Levels of Borrowing Borrowing o The adoption by one language of linguistic elements from another language o Can be lexical or structural Lexical borrowing of words or phrases Structural borrowing of phonological morphological or syntactic patterns Loanwords o The individual words being adopted into another language Loan Transitions or Calques o Phrases acquired through a word for word translation into native morphemes Intensity of Contact o Determined by the duration of the linguistic contact as well as by the level of interaction among the speakers Second language Acquisition o Many adult immigrants learn the language of their new home through interaction with native speakers rather than in a school setting Language convergence o Occurs when two languages become more similar due to contact between them

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