TAMU NUTR 211 - Final Exam Study Guide (12 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Nutr 211 - Scientific Prin Of Foods
Scientific Prin Of Foods Documents

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NUTR 211 Final Exam Review New Information for Final Flour Mixtures A composition 1 dry ingredients a flour b sugar sometimes considered wet c leavening agents d salt e Herbs and spices 2 wet ingredients a water b milk c fat d eggs 3 types and proportions determine different sensory characteristics in various products B flours 1 provide structure texture and flavor 2 gelatinized starch strengthens the crumb a soft interior part of the bread b created by gelatinization of starch in flour c coagulation of proteins in flour d characterized by number and size of air cells e fine crumb small uniform air bubbles f coarse crumb large irregular air cells 3 nut flours and coconut flours are more bulk flours and you would need something else to provide the starch characteristics C starch 1 wheat flour is 80 starch 2 starch liquid heat gelatinization of starch a hydrated starch at ideal temperature swells starch granule bursts thickens mixture b once all starch granules have burst solid mass 3 it is partially hydrolyzed by amylases present in flours a starch dextrins malt and glucose b these shorter carbohydrate fragments impart sweetness crust color fermentation improvement D gluten 1 class of storage proteins prolamins in wheat rye barley and oats a wheat gliadin also glutelins aka glutenin b rye secalin c barley hordein d oats avenin 2 contributes to the firming of flour mixtures 3 ability to rise related to amount of gluten in flour 4 water soluble and insoluble protein fractions in flour a water insoluble are gliadin and glutenin b gluten ball wash away water soluble proteins and starch 5 gliadin glutenin water gluten 6 gluten gives ability to expand with inner pressure from leavening gases 7 kneading stretching and folding the dough forms pockets that are stretched when gases expand 8 when heated proteins coagulate 9 gluten formation a hydration gliadin glutenin form gluten in presence of water b how does protein content of flour affect water required Higher protein

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