ECU SOCI 1010 - Social Protest & Movements (2 pages)

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Social Protest & Movements

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Social Protest & Movements


Discussion of social protests and movements - specifically discussing cases involving police officers and unarmed (black) men

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Soci 1010 - Race, Gender, Class
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SOCI 1010 1nd Edition Lecture 35 Outline of Last Lecture I Social change continued II Elder Care Cassie s experience III Hill Collins a The big idea b Creating coalitions for social change Outline of Current Lecture I What makes something sociological II Police officers unarmed men III Social Protest Movements IV Social problem i Protestors ii Counter movement Current Lecture I II What makes something sociological a Science Emperical evidence observed falsifiable b Society patterns context social circumstances categories to which people belong Police officers unarmed men a Michael Brown These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III IV b Eric Garner c Tamir Rice child on playground with air soft gun shot by police d John Crawford in Walmart on the phone holding a play gun that he got off the shelf was shot by police e Jonathan Ferrell was in a car accident got hurt walked for help and knocked on a door at 1AM person calls the cops claiming there was an intruder police came and shot him while he was hurt and walking down the street unarmed f Akai Gurley was walking down stairwell with a broken light and was shot by accident Social Protest Movements a Attention to the idea of grievances i Grievances depend on how the problem is interpreted 1 Ex After WWII there were lots of housing rules issues a Back then the problem was seen as fear of integration assumed that black people moving into white neighborhoods was the problem b Now we think the problem is that there were unfair housing policies at that time c Problem defined differently depending on how it is interpreted Social Problems a Protestors see the problem as i Lack of indictment in police shootings ii Injustice iii Race issue black men racial in nature iv Inappropriate police response b Counter movement typically happens in opposition to original movement i Police support movement ii I am Daren Wilson iii Problem is overreaction iv Media choice v Additional factors 1 Michael brown robbed store prior to being shot 2 Eric Garner overweight had asthma c Even though blacks and Hispanics were more likely to be frisked consent search weapons consent search drugs consent search other evidence whites were more likely to be found with those things d Not JUST about grievances there are always problems but we don t always protest i More likely to strike at work when unemployment is low

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