ECU SOCI 1010 - Social Protest & Movements (2 pages)

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Social Protest & Movements

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Social Protest & Movements


Discussion of social protests and movements - specifically discussing cases involving police officers and unarmed (black) men

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Soci 1010 - Race, Gender, Class
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SOCI 1010 1nd Edition Lecture 35 Outline of Last Lecture I Social change continued II Elder Care Cassie s experience III Hill Collins a The big idea b Creating coalitions for social change Outline of Current Lecture I What makes something sociological II Police officers unarmed men III Social Protest Movements IV Social problem i Protestors ii Counter movement Current Lecture I II What makes something sociological a Science Emperical evidence observed falsifiable b Society patterns context social circumstances categories to which people belong Police officers unarmed men a Michael Brown These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III IV b Eric Garner c Tamir Rice child on playground with air soft gun shot by police d John Crawford in Walmart on the phone holding a play gun that he got off the shelf was shot by police e Jonathan Ferrell was in a car accident got hurt walked for help and knocked on a door at 1AM person calls the cops claiming there was an intruder police came and shot him while he was hurt and walking down the street unarmed f Akai Gurley was walking down stairwell with a broken light and was shot by accident Social Protest Movements a Attention to the idea of grievances i Grievances depend on how the problem is interpreted 1 Ex After WWII there were lots of housing rules issues a Back then the problem was seen as fear of integration assumed that black people moving into white neighborhoods was the problem b Now we think the problem is that there were unfair housing policies at that time c Problem defined differently depending on how it is interpreted Social Problems a Protestors see the problem as i Lack of indictment in police shootings ii Injustice iii Race issue black men racial in nature iv Inappropriate police response b Counter movement typically happens in opposition to original movement i Police support movement ii I am Daren Wilson

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