UT Arlington PSYC 3301 - Final Exam Study Guide (14 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study guide 3 for human relations - career, job satisfaction, aggression, harassment, stereotypes,

Study Guide
University of Texas at Arlington
Psyc 3301 - Psychology of Humans
Psychology of Humans Documents

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PSYC 3301 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 25 37 Lecture 25 27 November 31 3 Components of Attitudes What are the three components of attitudes Explain Affective Things are associated with the things about which we hold attitudes hot aspect Cognitive Hold certain beliefs about things Behavior Predisposition to act in certain way Define Job satisfaction What are the external causes for job satisfaction Interesting and challenging Not too tiring Fair rewards sense of control Good relations with coworkers Low phys psyc stress Workers attributions about workplace events economy OR actions of employers What has research shown regarding prediction in job satisfaction What are the internal causes for job satisfaction Why Research has shown that personality factors in childhood may predict job satisfaction in adulthood Internal causes for job satisfaction High self esteem view things in positive light Ability to withstand stress Internal locus of control alter or control own outcome Self selection to the job Realistic positive expectations Pulakos and Schmitt research ask students likelihood of liking future job higher positive expectation higher future job satisfaction BUT have to be realistic High status seniority better working conditions Good personal adjustment at home social skills help at work too Genetics 30 Job Satisfaction Diversity What are the three main differences discussed in the book Explain Stage of career and occupational differences managers technical professional selfemployed higher job satisfaction Older more satisfaction than younger Why Gain more prestige more challenging more control BUT may not be justified mid career plateau Cultural differences Hofstede Career success material possession individualistic ego needs US vs quality of life relationships social needs Japan Adler Gender differences Men value status prestige high income more satisfied with highlevel jobs Women social relations overrepresentation in occupations help oppressed

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