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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


Test 2 study guide for the Final

Study Guide
University of Alabama
Cj 100 - Intro Criminal Justice
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CJ 100 MWF 9 9 50 Exam 2 Study Guide Lectures 21 27 Lecture 21 November 3 Corrections What is a correction Corrections refers to ALL programs services facilities and organizations responsible for the management of the accused and convicted What are the two types of correction models The Pennsylvania system 1st model of prison system TEST Criminals could be reformed if they were placed in penitentiaries Separate confinement solitary inmates held in isolation from other inmates All activities including craftwork took place in cells and in isolation TEST Solitary confinement would prevent further corruption inside prison and would prevent learned criminal behavior Offenders would reflect on their past transgressions and repent The New York System 2nd model of prison systems TEST Rival to Pennsylvania s concept of separate confinement Congregate system prisoners were held in isolation at night but worked with other prisoners in shops during the day Prisoners worked under a rules of silence and were forbidden from even looking at each other Industry efficiency should be the purpose of prison Contract labor system labor sold on a contractual basis to private employers Private employers provided the equipment and inmates made products to sell Strict discipline obedience is key What is a community correction community corrections probation parole work release programs hallway houses education Makes up 70 of corrections and jails and prison make up 30 of corrections What are the models of incarceration Custodial model emphasizes security discipline and order assumes purpose of incapacitation deterrence or retribution Rehabilitation model emphasizes treatment programs drug courts Reintegration model emphasizes ties to family and community community corrections The majority of prisons conform to the custodial model What is a Super max prison Facilities and inmates are classified by security range Level 1 lease secure camp type settings Level 5 the most secure super max penitentiary at Florence Colorado What is the only federal supermax facility Lawrence Colorado called the ADX Florence Lecture 22 November 5 Prisons and Jails What is probation versus parole Probation is a front alternative to jail conditional release into the community avoids incarceration Parole is an end alternative to jail Early release submit to drug test follow rules and a void parts of town and certain people If you violate parole what is it called technical violation What is the main problem with probation today Overload of cases So to help relive that they created day reporting centers and some cities even combine the jobs of a parole and probation officer into one officer What is an Intermediate Sanction Restitution repayment in the form of money or service by an offender to a victim who has suffered some loss from the offense can come Day Reporting Centers Community correctional center where an offender reports each day to comply with elements of a sentence A single place where clients to so the officer doesn t have to travel Community corrections account for what percent of federal corrections 70 TEST based on the goal of finding the least restrictive alternative Lecture 23 and 24 November 10th and 17th The OJ Simpson Trial What was the physical evidence left handed glove at scene of crime covered in blood Nicole Browns house OJ Simpson s house Right handed glove covered in blood blood found on Bronco socks soaked in Nicole s blood at foot of OJs bed 4 points that constitute reasonable doubt 1 How the crime scenes were handled the bronco Nicole s house and OJ s house 2 EDTA evidence doesn t occur naturally but turns up in the blood spattered socks and the blood on the gate No other blood that was anywhere 3 Mark Furman lead detective says that he found all this evidence he was first on the scene When asked if he planted any evidence he said I plead the 5 th 4 one of the lead detectives had two vials of blood in his pocket carrying them from crime scene to crime scene Lecture 25 November 19th Casey Anthony Trial Two main prosecution mistakes 1 Over trying they tried new forensic techniques and said that they were fantasy forensics 2 Over Charging 1st degree murder and aggravated manslaughter Remember no actual cause of death was found What was the defense s argument Accidental drowning in family swimming pool George Anthony disposed of the body Defense said that Casey lied because of her dysfunctional family They wanted to put any kind of doubt in the Jury s mind Fantasy Forensics was that the prosecution had very little physical evidence and the prosecution is using new technologies in court A new piece of evidence found the second internet search under Mozilla someone had searched fool proof suffocation methods then instantly logged into Casey s myspace account The Civil trial against Casey Criminal vs Civil Court Beyond a reasonable doubt vs preponderance of evidence Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez defamation suit it slurred her name and she lost her job house and reputation She lost everything and it was slander Defamation Term for any statement that hurts someone s reputation not a crime but a tort civil wrong Written defamation Libel Spoken Defamation Slander Lecture 26 November 24th World Com Scandal and the Juvenile System Who was the CEO in charge of the World Com Scandal Bernie Ebbers He was a very trusted man who preached all about frugality and saving money He even limited the amount of coffee in employee room Turns out he was stealing millions of dollars from his company and had multiple yachts and expensive things that he preached against owning What are the 3 main points of the Juvenile Rights Period 1960 1980 In Re Gault 1967 afforded juveniles many of the same de process rights as adults right to legal counsel to confront and examine accusers notices of chargers etc In Re Winship 1970 the standard of proof beyond reasonable doubt still applies to juvenile delinquency proceedings Status Offenders were taken out of correctional institution ie skipping school crime for kids not for adults What was the main Juvenile case in 2005 Roper vs Simmons 2005 He s the beginning of a new movement If you commit a crime under the age of 18 you cannot be sentenced to the death penalty capital punishment Recognizes developmental differences in teens maturity impulsiveness ect treatment programs and laws are now being designed to treat juveniles and adults differently What was the trend of Juvenile Cases After rising

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