UNC-Chapel Hill PSYC 101 - Schizophrenia (4 pages)

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Psyc 101 - General Psychology

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Psych 101 1st Edition Outline of Current Lecture I II III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII XIII XIV XV XVI XVII XVIII XIX Schizophrenia Hallucinations Positive symptoms Negative symptoms Lack of Motivation Anhedonia Affacc Genetics Neurotransmitters Expressed emotion Hostility Stress Nervosa Anorexia Caused by starvation Bulimia Nervosa Purging type Non purging type Techniques Current Lecture An increased risk for about 4 5 times One twin with bipolar disorders gives the other twin 70 The genetic components are higher for bipolar disorders Is highly caused by your interpretation of the world Your reasons for being depressed are your thoughts Change your thoughts change your mood higher well being Situation specific thoughts are called automatic thoughts Automatic thoughts are beliefs we have Theory There is a role for neurotransmitter The primary nerve implicated in depression tends to be serotonin Theory Inner personal or social activity theory of depression More a theory about people who stay depressed When you re less active you re less likely to have positive reinforcement so the reduced activity tends to encourage depression Schizophrenia Common symptoms Hallucinations Sensory experiences without basis Delusions Odd beliefs not in touch with reality Thought disorder Thought Broadcasting When you think your thoughts can be read Thought Insertion When you think people are putting thoughts in your head Ideas of Reference Making association with things that have no relation to you Impaired social functioning Loosing social abilities and losing Other features poor insight inappropriate affect Positive symptoms Are symptoms or behaviors are present in people that are not present in normal people Negative symptoms Behaviors are present in normal people that are present in Schizophrenia Lack of Motivation Anhedonia I no longer get enjoyment out regular things I used to Lack of pleasure Affacc No face expression Medications don t work so well on negative symptoms Genetics

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