WVU MKTG 425 - Exam 2 Study Guide (13 pages)

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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


Green promotions, Embedded sustainability chapter 1-8

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Mktg 425 - Sustainable Marketing
Sustainable Marketing Documents

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MKTG 425 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide Green Promotion Great Marketing is based on Providing a delightful high quality experience during the buying process Offering goods and services that offer genuine value to the customer Exceeding your own promises and your customer s expectation So don t Sell under the guise of research Bait and switch Mislead about content Use untargeted cold calls telemarketing emails tects etc Have salespeople talk too much Employ retail staff too busy to help We want Get permission opt in to communications o An advantage of twitter facebook o Choose the number of email contacts you like each month Identify the demand trigger o What when where how Steps to making it personal Involve potential clients in design marketing decisions o Vote in favorite ad flavor name charity Biological marketing o ROI o You can selectively give product and gain exponentially Keys to the Green Marketing Message The message is relevant and received AT THE TIME the want need is present The QUALITY of the message o Focus on value of your product o Build trust and reliability Positive Frame How consumers search for info Google Apps Ads in the trade publications Asking friends Asking following expert advise Consulting ratings Trip Advisor Consumer Reports J D Powers Reading product reviews Retailers Vendors websites yours and others Ads in the yellow pages What you can do Provide expert opinions to media Provide expert opinions yours and others on your websites in your publications to your salespeople Speaking consulting coaching arm of your firm Trivia quizzes that relate to the problem your firm solves Water quiz Ethanol Quiz Assessment tools Utility bills too high Assess how to stop losing or save Is your house office sick indoor air quality from cooking Promoting Green in the message Green itself is only important to about 6 of US consumers Green is the 3rd attribute quality and price are the top two Move away from the language of sacrifice Find ways to talk

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