ECU PSYC 1000 - Other Disorders (5 pages)

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Other Disorders

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Other Disorders


Other Disorders

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Psyc 1000 - Introductory Psychology

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PSYC 1000 Lecture 19 Outline of Last Lecture Schizophrenia I II III Schizophrenia a the mind is split from reality e g a split from one s own thoughts so that they appear as hallucinations schizein split phren mind b Symptoms i disorganized and or delusional thinking ii disturbed perceptions iii inappropriate emotions and actions iv Positive 1 presence of problematic behaviors a Hallucinations illusory perceptions especially auditory b Delusions illusory beliefs especially persecutory c Disorganized thought and nonsensical speech d Bizarre behaviors v Negative 1 absence of healthy behaviors a Flat affect no emotion showing in the face b Reduced social interaction c Anhedonia no feeling of enjoyment d Avolition less motivation initiative focus on tasks e Alogia speaking less f Catatonia moving c Psychosis i refers to a mental split from reality and rationality Thinking and Speaking a Disorganized speech including the word salad of loosely associated phrases b Delusions illusory beliefs often bizarre and not just mistaken most common are delusions of grandeur and of persecution c Problems with selective attention difficulty filtering thoughts and choosing which thoughts to believe and to say out loud Disrupted Perceptions a People with schizophrenia often experience hallucinations that is perceptual experiences not shared by others These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute IV V VI b The most common form of hallucination is hearing voices that no one else hears often with upsetting e g shaming content c Hallucinations can also be visual olfactory smells tactile touch or gustatory taste Emotions and Actoins a Odd and socially inappropriate responses such as looking bored or amused while hearing of a death b Flat affect facial body expression is flat with no visible emotional content c Impaired perception of emotions including not reading others intentions and

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