WVU MKTG 380 - Final Exam Study Guide (3 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Chapters 1-15

Study Guide
West Virginia University
Mktg 380 - Integrated Promotions
Integrated Promotions Documents

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MKTG 380 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Exam 1 Chapter 1 Integrated Marketing Communications communication process emerging trends in IMC accountability and measurable results changes in technology channel power global competition brand parity Chapter 2 Brands types of brands co branding benefits of brand equity methods of measuring brand equity changes in private labels tactics used to combat private labels components and role of corporate image brand corporate names logos Chapter 3 Consumer decision making process consumer purchasing process types of consumer needs wants internal external search level of motivation attitudes cognitive mapping three roles of marketing messages in cognitive mapping methods of evaluating alternatives types of B to B sales B to B buying process Chapter 4 IMC planning process customers 4 types communications in IMC planning tests to determine viable segment methods for segmentation VALS2 geodemographic segmentation benefit segmentation product positioning approaches communication objectives factors impacting relationship between promotions and sales methods of determining budget IMC components Chapter 5 Advertising and IMC process advantages of in house vs outside agency budget allocation considerations crowd sourcing boutique vs full service agency evaluation criteria in choosing an ad agency creative pitch advertising research advertising goals manner of distribution of ad budget creative brief Exam 2 Chapter 6 Hierarchy of effects model means end theory leverage points taglines fear humor sex music rational emotional appeals Chapter 7 Three components of message strategies cognitive affective conative five cognitive strategies the matching between hierarchy of effects model and message strategies seven executional frameworks spokespersons celebrity endorsers five elements of spokesperson credibility principles of effective advertising Chapter 8 Media strategy media planning components of media plan media buyers advertising

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