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Microbial Food Safety

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Microbial Food Safety


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Nutrsci 132 - Nutrition Today
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NUTR SCI 132 Lecture 36 Outline of Last Lecture I Phytonutrients a Definition II Carcinogenesis a Carcinogens b 3 stage model III Phytonutrients as anti carcinogens Outline of Current Lecture I Food Safety a Microbial i Food born Illness ii Foodborne Infection iii Dangers Current Lecture I Food Safety a New Challenges i Food Supply more and more globalized 1 Harder to track keep tabs on ii Mixing of foods 1 Ground beef from MANY cows iii Ecological change 1 Microbe evolution iv New Chemicals b Microbial i Food born Illness 1 Food Poisoning 2 Bacteria Viruses a Different than spoiled food ii Common food borne Illnesses 1 In the Past a Tuberculosis i Cure Pasteurization of milk These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 1 Heat temperature of milk lower temp than boiling b Typhoid and Cholera i Cure Safe water supply iii Foodborne Infections 1 Ingesting live organism causes sickness 2 Campylobacter a Symptoms i Diarrhea ii Fever vomiting cramps b Source i Guts of birds 1 Cross contamination 2 Undercooking 3 Norwalk like virus a Symptoms i Vomiting with diarrhea ii Couple of days b No animal host i Passed person to person ii Good hand washing essential 4 Salmonella a Guts of mammals i Birds reptiles b Symptoms i Diarrhea fever cramps 5 E Coli 0157 H7 a Symptoms i Bloody diarrhea ii Severe cramping iii Not much fever b 5 develop hemolytic i Anemic syndrome weeks later ii Severe bleeding and kidney failure iii Can kill young healthy people c Mammalian gut 6 Listeria a Most susceptible i Infants elderly pregnancy people with poor immune systems 7 Other routes of contamination a Cryptosporidia b Giardia iv v vi vii viii c Hepatitis A Foodborne toxins 1 Organism dies off but the toxin leftover is what gets you sick 2 Botulism a Paralysis b Organism claustridium botulinium c Beware of canned foods homemade 3 Staphylococcus a Vomiting b Do not prepare food with cuts on your hand Dangers 1 Botulism a Fatal 2 Hemolytic anemia syndrome a Paralysis 3 Any can be severe in compromised or immature immune system Go to doctor if 1 Prolonged vomiting a Dehydration 2 Diarrhea that lasts more than 3 days or bloody diarrhea Sources 1 Animal guts a Cross contamination during processing 2 Raw unpasteurized milk 3 Foods that pool animals a Ground beef b Bulk raw milk c Pooled raw eggs 4 F V washed or irrigated by manure contaminated water a Certified Organic NOT a risk because requirements are very strict though if uncertified it could be 5 Sprouts raw 6 Unpasteurized juice 7 Infected food handlers Prevention 1 Regulatory Approach a Keep out of food supply b FDA Food and Drug Administration i Processed food c USDA i Meat and poultry d State Health and Agriculture e Industry Groups 2 Personal Precautions a Cook Heat kills i Safe temp all the way through 1 Meat thermometer ii Roasts and Steaks 145 F iii Ground Beef 160 F iv Pork 160 v Poultry 165 vi Eggs Yolks firm vii Fish flakes with fork viii Sprouts cooked ix Milk juice cider pasteurized x Microwave cold spots not as safe b Separate i Avoid cross contamination from raw foods ii In refrigerator 1 Keep raw on bottom iii One board for raw meat another for salads served raw c Wash and sanitize i 1 tsp Chlorine per qt of water d Chill after cooked i Bacteria grow between 40 140 F ii Refrigerator 34 38F c Chemical i Organic Foods 1 Continue next lecture

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