TAMU BICH 411 - Review for Final (3 pages)

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Review for Final

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Review for Final


Reviewing material for the final.

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Texas A&M University
Bich 411 - Comprehen Biochem Ii
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BICH 411 1st Edition Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture I Integration Overview II ATP in metabolism III Adenylate system IV Metabolic Integration V Creatine VI Muscle Protein Degradation VII Liver activity VIII SIR2 gene Outline of Current Lecture I Final review Current Lecture Stuff to know for the finalChapter 25 about 20 questions starts with nitrogen gas and nitrate oxidation reduced to ammonium ion know how many electrons it takes immediate donor know definitions like nitrogen fixation know about conversion to ammonium know criteria for things like nitrogen fixation reduction of Nitrogen is expensive know why they have to pay Amino acid formation anabolism some reactions assimilate ammonium ion into other intermediates know these know the enzymes know the amino acid families What the precursor molecule was good multiple choice question know what transamination is what coenzyme is involved know the ketogenic amino acids which 2 are purely ketogenic Urea cycle don t need to know enzymes just know what its job is anapleurotic benefit regulation at committed step know whether the enzyme is stimulated or inhibited These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute know where the urea atoms came from what are the targets for farmers who don t want weeds know why these therapeutics work know about the 3 inborn error of metabolism disease which is devastating manageable etc Maple syrup urine disease phenylketonuria alkaptonuria what is the most central amino acid for metabolism Chapter 26 about 15 questions all the following are true except questions the longest stage is the DNA synthesis stage so nucleic acids are a target for anticancer and antibacterial agents remember that nucleotides are used for energy CTP UDP priming THF used 2 different ways purines and pyrimidines carries single carbon purines and pyrimidines are made from precursor look at the biosynthesis review the enzymes and intermediate metabolites where the energy comes from salvage bases can be salvaged and put onto new ribose enzyme Lesch nyhan syndrome know characteristics purine breakdown product Uric Acid dalmations Purine nucleoside cycle what s the benefit metabolite carbamoyl P synthase CPS I and CPS II ammonium ion CPS II gets it s nitrogen from where metabolic channeling know the definition enzyme deoxyribonucleotide reductase know where it gets it s electrons know why Thymine is special deoxyribonucleotide know the atom sources for Purine and Pyrimidine Chapter 27 about 15 question on the final know the difference between the anabolic and catabolic pathways anabolic pathways have specific features know which pathway has what like cofactors and cosubstrates know how ATP is related to anabolic and catabolic pathways is it made or used etc know the 2 roles for ATP stoichiometric and allosteric regulator roles know about Adenylate kinase understand energy charge there will be a couple of questions about this concept the energy charge of the cell stays between 0 85 0 88 regulation basic for chapter 27 relate it to energy charge understand the difference between ATP generating utilizing enzyme activities understand how the of ADP ATP AMP relate to high low energy charge know what substrates pair with what organs for energy source keep in mind the exception for the brain in exercise are muscle cells more aerobic or anaerobic what are the products adipocytes when they release fatty acids feeding phase which pathways are turned on or off chapter 22 AMPK is not on the final

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