SC BIOL 460 - The Urinary System (4 pages)

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The Urinary System

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The Urinary System


Acid-base balace continued and Urinary system introduced

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University Of South Carolina-Columbia
Biol 460 - General Physiology
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BIOL 460 1st Edition Lecture 30 Outline of Last Lecture I Transport of O2 in blood II Transport of CO2 in blood III Acid base balance Outline of Current Lecture I Acid base balance continued II Urinary System a Kidney i Nephron III Glomerular Filtration Current Lecture Acid base Balance continued 1 Carbonic acid volatile acid 2 Non volatile metabolic acids don t generally affect pH of plasma b c generally taken up by buffers generally bicarbonate a Lactic acid b Ketone body c Kidneys i Excrete protons into urine to prevent blood from being acidified ii Manufactures bicarbonate as buffer 3 Respiratory acidosis a Caused by hypoventilation 4 Respiratory alkalosis a Caused by hyperventilation 5 Chemoreceptors send sensory information to respiratory center a Respiratory rate PP of CO2 in blood between 39 and 41 mmHg 6 Metabolic acidosis a pH of blood is 7 35 These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute b uncontrolled diabetic ketoacidosis c loss of bicarbonate i stomach HCl ii small intestine pancreas releases pancreatic juice and contains bicarbonate which neutralizes stuff coming from stomach iii uncontrolled diarrhea substances going through stomach quickly and bicarbonate isn t utilized iv hyperventilation more CO2 blown off than usual rxn shift to left protons taken up pH of body fluids goes up 7 Metabolic alkalosis a pH of blood is 7 45 b excessive vomiting protons released into stomach are lost c hypoventilation more CO2 in system than usual rxn driven to right protons released pH comes down Urinary System Chapter Seventeen 1 composed of a kidney b two ureters i transport urine from kidney to urinary bladder ii smooth muscle in wall which undergoes peristalsis c bladder d urethra bladder drains through this 2 kidneys a main function is to regulate extracellular fluid environment of body b when produce urine allows kidneys to control blood volume which then

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