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Risk Management

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Risk Management


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KIN 464 Risk Management Civil Rights Outline of Current Lecture I Risk Management II First Amendment III Fourth Amendment IV Fourteenth Amendment V Defamation Current Lecture VI Risk Management a The formal process of assessing exposure to risk and taking whatever action is necessary to minimize its impact i National Association of Independent Schools b Involves i Identifying the Risks What type of risk ii Classifying the Risks Severity c Treatment i Eliminate the Risk 1 This may involve the recognition of a significant risk before instituting an activity and avoiding it completely by not adding the activity ii Transfer the Risk 1 Transfer the risk to another organization or individual a This is a popular method for risks classified as moderate and high severity 2 Insurance is one popular method of transferring risk Exculpatory agreements iii Retention of Risk 1 The organization becomes financially responsible for any injuries or financial risks that may occur iv Reduction of Risks 1 Taking a proactive approach to reducing all forms of risk thereby decreasing the likelihood of injury and subsequently reducing the chances of being sued a e g requiring employees to undertake in service training extensive inspections coupled with These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute preventative maintenance and compiling and utilizing extensive records accident reports Civil Rights VII First Amendment a First Amendment rights are the freedom of speech i the freedom to speak ii to remain silent iii to communicate ideas b What is not protected i Libel or slander reference ii Language or acts that disrupt the learning environment iii Deny students an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills c In deciding about protected speech and the freedom of the press the courts balance i The needs of the public versus the rights of the individual VIII The Fourth Amendment a The

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