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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
Washington State University
Mgmt 455 - Staffing
Staffing Documents

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MGMT 455 Exam 3 Study Guide Initial selection instruments p 401 p 514 o Rough screening to reduce costs o Used to minimize the costs associated with substantive assessment methods by reducing the number of people assessed o Predictors typically used to screen candidates from applicants include application blanks biographical information reference reports and initial interviews Resumes Applications Biodata surveys References background checks Initial interviews Substantive selection instruments p 469 p 528 o More depth for validity o Substantive assessment methods are used to make more precise decisions about applicants among those who meet minimum qualifications for the job who are the most likely to be high performers if hired o Developed using logic of prediction o Predictors used to select finalists from the candidate pool include personality tests ability tests emotional intelligence tests performance tests and work samples situational judgment tests integrity tests interest values and preference inventories structured interviews and team assessments o Ability tests Measures that assess an individual s capacity to function in a certain way Cognitive ability tests refer to measures that assess abilities involved in thinking memory reasoning verbal and mathematical abilities and the expression of ideas Psychomotor ability tests measure the correlation of thought with bodily movement Reaction time arm hand steadiness control precision and manual and digit dexterity Physical abilities tests measure muscular strength cardiovascular endurance and movement quality Upper body strength Abdominal strength Aerobic endurance Physical mobility Sensory perceptual abilities tests assess the ability to detect and recognize environmental stimuli Example flight simulator used as part of the assessment process for airline pilots Job knowledge tests attempt to directly asses an applicant s ability to comprehend job requirements o o Personality tests pg 428 The big five Extraversion

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