ISU CSD 175 - Final Exam Study Guide (8 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Everything you need to know for the Final. Plus focus on grammatical morphemes

Study Guide
Illinois State University
Csd 175 - Speech and Language Development
Speech and Language Development Documents

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CSD 175 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 20 25 Lecture 20 21 November 10th and 12th Terminology Review Language universals fundamental similarities across all languages consonants vowels Language variations the way languages of the world vary or differ o Ex Sentence Structure Primary Language language a person primarily uses to communicate usually refers to first language a person learns when born Dialects regional or social variations of a word that differ in pronunciation grammar and vocabulary Language Disorder significant difficulty with the development of language May reach milestones more slowly or not at all May experience deficits in form content and or use of language Over 6 000 languages worldwide Major ones English Spanish and Chinese Vocabulary content is greatest difference American English Regional Dialects Dialects are influence by two things 1 Language Contact process by which speakers of a language other than English shape the pronunciation grammar and vocabulary of English language 2 Population Migration when there is a migration of people from one dialectal region to another American English Sociocultural Dialects Culture rather than geography influences these dialects o Ex In American English the following social dialects exist African American Vernacular English Chicano English final z is denounced Jewish English yitish and Hebrew hard g s What is a standard language All dialects whether regional or socio cultural are simply variations from the standard form of English They are differences NOT a disorder Bilingualism How do people acquire two or more languages 1 Simultaneous acquisition child learns two languages at birth 2 Successive or Sequential Acquisition child will learn one language from birth and then a second language after that Code Switching Speakers who have more than one language alternate between the languages o Intrautterance mixing the alteration occurs within a single utterance Ex We play with mommies daddies brothers

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