TAMU GEOG 202 - SE Asian Issues (4 pages)

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SE Asian Issues

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SE Asian Issues


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Geog 202 - Geog Of Global Village

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GEOG 202 Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture o Conflicts in Burma Khmer Rouge Economic Development Outline of Current Lecture o SE Asian Issues Ch 14 Australia and Oceania o What is it o Physical Setting o Climate o Environmental Issues o Population o Geopolitical Framework o Economy o Australia and Oceania Issues Current Lecture o In the news within recent history o SE Asia is a land of contrasts Uplifting because of the story of Singapore Despairing because of the Khmer Rouge o BBC News These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Changes in Burma Malaysia tensions o SE Asian Issues o Human Rights Burma Myanmar massacres Khmer Rouge Cambodians forced out of cities 2 million died 30 years ago Exploitation of women o Governance Communism vs democracy o Economic relationships with China o Which side in War on Terror Ch 14 Australia and Oceania o What is it o Dominated by Pacific Ocean o Shared indigenous and colonial history o International Date Line timeticker com o 3 characteristics unite region o Isolated physical setting o Responses between indigenous peoples and outside cultures European and Asian o Physical Setting o Many isolated tropical islands o One southern hemisphere continent with desert interior o One glaciated country o Many subducting plate boundaries o Mariana trench Deepest place on earth Almost 36 000 ft deep o New Zealand Extraordinary flora and fauna because of island isolation 85 native plants found nowhere else on Earth Two large islands and many small ones Volcanic peaks and geothermal features o Australia o Climate o Varied Tropical humid Desert Highland o Equatorial and Southern hemisphere o Environmental Issues o Non native species invasion o Desertification in Australia o Mining o Water supply Needs rainwater No lakes or rivers on small islands o Population 36 million people smallest region 20 million in Australia Largest city is

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