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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


An overview of topics discussed during lectures 18 - 25

Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Anth 110 - Human Origins

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ANTH 110 1nd Edition Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 18 25 Lecture 18 Which Era are we currently in It can be divided into what two Periods From there what Epochs are the two Periods made up of The Cenozoic Era is the current Era It consists of the Tertiary 65 m y a and Quaternary 1 8 m y a Periods The Tertiary Period began with the Paleocene Epoch followed by the Eocene Oligocene Miocene and Pliocene in that order The Quaternary Period began with the Pleistocene Epoch followed by the Holocene Epoch in which we currently live What was Pangea Laurasia Gonovia More than 200 million years ago earth was one giant continent Pangea Pangea then split into Laurasia and Gonovia 180 million years ago As the continents continued to drift mammals began to diversify and spread out Anthropologists mark the beginning of this to be 65 million years ago Lecture 19 What are some defining characteristics of each of the 7 Epochs of the Cenozoic Era Primate like mammals photo primates appeared during the Paleocene The first true primates Prosimians and old way of classifying lemurs lorises and tarsiers existed during the Eocene Epoch Adapids and Omomyids were the two groups of primates in the Eocene The Oligocene consisted of early Catarrhines as well as precursors to monkeys and apes Apidium looked like a fat squirrel Aegyptopithecus looked like a fat cat and Platyrrhines were some of our ancestors that existed during this Epoch Monkeys and apes emerge first humanlike creatures appear during the Miocene Epoch Early humans diversify during the Pliocene early Homo develops during the Pleistocene and the Holocene is the present Epoch Lecture 20 What are some important things to remember about the Early Middle and Late Miocene Apes traveled amongst Africa Europe and Asia During the early Miocene Primates were found mostly in Africa However during the middle to late portions of the Epoch primates could be found in Asia Africa and Europe The entire Epoch was considered a boom for apes The

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