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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Covers what will be on the fourth exam

Study Guide
Illinois State University
His 104.01 - History of Africa
History of Africa Documents
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HIS 104 01 1st Edition Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures 21 25 Lecture 21 October 30 Who are the indigenous peoples of South Africa Khoikhoi Nguni Zulu Xhosa and San people What was the Cape of Good Hope Who traded with the European sailors merchants It was a refreshment station where merchants and sailors would get vegetables water meat beef The Khoikhoi people traded the vegetables etc to the European ships in exchange for alcohol tobacco and iron goods What is the name of the most important European shipping company The Dutch East Indian Company It was the most important European shipping company that established a permanent base on the Cape of Good Hope in 1652 Who was Jan van Riebeeck He was an agent of the Dutch East Indian Company that bought Khoikhoi goods and resupplied ships with water meat and vegetables Who were Afrikaners Who did they consist of The name Afrikaners was named for a Dutch or German settler in South Africa They consisted of the Dutch reform church who were persecuted in the Netherlands and decided to move to South Africa and the French Huguenots They were persecuted by the French and moved to South Africa What is the idea of manifest destiny God had given the Europeans South Africa it was God s will to move there and take over the people Where were the slaves taken from Indonesia India Malaysia Sri Lanka Madagascar and East Africa What were some of the rules the slaves had to follow due to their population exceeding the dominant white population No firearms no assemble of more than two without the presence of their master had to carry passes in order to get from one town to another What was happening due to the sexual favors the slave women were forced to partake in with their masters Mixed children were born They inherited their mothers status and were thus forced to also be slaved What were the 4 categories people were put into based on their race and became their identity in South Africa Whites European descent Coloreds Mixed heritage Indians Asian descent Africans Indigenous African origin What was the Great Trek When the Dutch settlers were forced to move inland due to the British winning the war against Dutch and took over South Africa When the Dutch moved inland that forcibly took farmland and pastures from Africans and created two states the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Republic Why were World War I and II significant The Dutch took the side of the Germans in both wars in the hopes that if Germany won they would give South Africa back to the Dutch as a reward for taking their side What happened when elections were finally held When it came time for the British to give up control of South Africa the Afrikaner people those of European descent were the only ones allowed to vote None of the other racial categories were allowed too Know the following Population Registration Act Bantu Education Act Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Immorality Amendment Act Natives Resettlement Act Natives Act and Bantu Homeland Citizenship Act Population Registration Act categorized by color of skin come with privileges Bantu Education Act Different education than white minority trained to work in factories and learn Afrikan Dutch language in Africa Prohibition of Mixed Marriages Too many mixed children were being born prohibited the marriage of people of different races This law did not work because people had children without being married anyway Immorality Amendment Act People of different races could not have affairs Natives Resettlement Act Move indigenous people to anywhere they want town cities coast people forced inland with no compensation Natives Act Indigenous people could not go from one town to another without a police permit If caught they would go to jail Bantu Homeland Citizenship Act Created fake homelands to have own culture failed Lecture 22 November 4 What is the ANC The African National Congress They were the largest party against apartheid wanted equal representation of indigenous people and all colors of skin in the government What was the Freedom Charter The ANC did this to reassure the white minority they will be included in the government once the ANC wins the election What is an inclusive government The government would include the white minority in it once elections are held and the government is taken from them What was Umkhonto we Sizwe Spear of the Nation The ANC army that fought the minority regime Who was Nelson Mandela He was a lawyer that became the leader of the military division Umkhoto we Sizme and eventually became the first black president of South Africa He would spend 27 years in jail and was the symbol behind the campaign against apartheid He would make an important speech called the Rivonia Speech at his trial that made him turn into the spokesperson for the other leaders also arrested and put on trial What is the South African Communist Party Consisted of mostly white liberals was a small group of intellectuals that were very vocal and issued press statements every day They utilized the power of propaganda and made themselves known even though they were relatively small in size Joe Slovo called Uncle Joe was the leader of this party What is the Pan African Congress After the Freedom Charter some members did not agree with allowing the white minority to be a part of the government so they separated themselves and create the PAC This party believes in an exclusive government white minority not allowed to be included in the government if the PAC wins the election Drive white minority back into the ocean What was the Poqo The military wing of the PAC leader was Robert Sobukwe What was the Sharpville massacre Was a demonstration were 67 people were killed 86 wounded Those shot were shot in the back which means they were trying to run away when they were being shot at What was the Soweto Act Because of the Bantu Education Act children had to learn Afrikan The children did not want to and organized a demonstration without their parents or teachers knowing One day they ran out of their classrooms with signs and marked the streets The police panicked and shot at the children killing them Images of this massacre were sent all over the world Who was Steve Biko He began a black consciousness movement got the idea from the United States and eventually was arrested when his movement was perceived as a threat He was murdered in jail Who is Winnie Mandela The wife of Nelson Mandela Represented her husband at meetings etc while he was in

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