CU-Boulder FILM 1502 - Film History and Filmic Context (2 pages)

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Film History and Filmic Context

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Film History and Filmic Context


History and relation to film

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University of Colorado at Boulder
Film 1502 - Introduction to Film Studies
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FILM 1502 1st Edition Lecture 24 Outline of Last Lecture I How did the emergence of cinema and experimentation spur on notions of media utopianism II Has the political edge of experimental cinema been blunt by the passing of time Why or why not III Discussion Looking at the wide variety of formal and narrative experimentation in the films we ve seen what characteristics do these films share and what purposes do you think they serve Outline of Current Lecture I Quiz 4 Alternatives to Hollywood Narratives II What are the larger historical and cultural contexts that have impacted the narrative and stylistic development of film III What movements have emerged in response to particular historical conditions IV What major film cultures have emerged outside of Hollywood Current Lecture Film History and Filmic Contexts 12 2 History Historiography History not the event that actually happened telling a story about what happened about omission and selection Historiography the critical examination of sources and the selection of particular materials Moving away from Hollywood Periodization film in relation to its own historical moment o Fight Club adaptation changed the story to fit the time period The Cabinet of Dr Caligari Robert Weine 1920 What Who do we see o Mise en scene gravity unimportant unrealistic environment functional abstract regal feeling large space German expressionism o Move away from realism Problems with periodization o German expressionism does not necessarily end become less important but still exists These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute The 400 Blows Francois Truffaut 1959 Whimsical dramatic playful then shift to end of melodrama highly expressive and brutally realistic Mise en scene big city lights The French new wave o Expanding the expressive potential of film experiment with film not experimental o Cahiers du cinema film journal film society o Auteurism director centric approach director is the author of the film The Smiling Madame Beudet Germaine Dulac 1923 Experimentation Dream sequence

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