WSU MKTG 368 - Exam 2 Study Guide (29 pages)

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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


Exam notes accumulated class powerpoint and examples. includes Mathematic Examples.

Study Guide
Washington State University
Mktg 368 - Marketing Research
Marketing Research Documents

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MKTG 368 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide Social Media and Marketing research o What is social media Online means of Communication Conveyance Collaboration and Cultivation among interconnected and interdependent networks of People Communities and Organizations enhanced by technological capabilities and mobility o o Dark side of social media Are social media users so addicted to their laptops smartphones and iPads they can t live without them Online gaming issues in Korea Recent study in the University of Maryland o 200 students were challenged to give up their toys for 24 hours In withdrawal frantically craving Very anxious extremely antsy Miserable Jittery Crazy I clearly am addicted and the dependency is sickening I felt quite along and secluded from my life Although I go to a school with thousands of students the fact that I was not able to communicate with anyone via technology was almost unbearable 5th P of Marketing o Participation o Marketing communication From Top Down to Bottom Up o Social Media Achieves Marketing Objectives o Statistical Theory and sample Size Why Sample Pragmatic Reasons o Budget and time constraints o Limited access to total population Accurate and Reliable Results o Strong heterogeneity in population makes sampling possible Destruction of Test Units o Sampling reduces the costs of research in finite population Sample selection stages o Define the target population o Select a sampling frame o Determine if a probability or non probability sampling method will be chosen o Plan procedure for selecting sampling units o Determine sample size o Elect actual sampling units o Conduct fieldwork Probability vs nonprobability sampling o Probability Sampling A sampling technique in which every member of the population has a known nonzero probability of selection Ex o Simple Random Sampling equal probability o Systematic Sampling using list of population lists o Stratified Sampling Simple random subsamples that are more or less equal on some

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