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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


Final exam

Study Guide
University of Texas at Austin
Cms 358 - Communication and Personal Relationships
Communication and Personal Relationships Documents

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CMS 358 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide Exam 2 Review Sheet Chapter 5 Dimensions of Communication What are the dimensions of communication that vary with intimacy 1 narrow broad the more intimate your relationship is the more different topics you can discuss you have a more narrow amount of information if your relationship is decaying 2 stylized unique stylized is when language is predictable and nothing specialized about the way it is communicated the idea that your communication is predetermined you can communicate in a way that you talk with people unique is more specialized and intimate pet names funny nicknames inside jokes idioms 3 difficult efficient when you are less intimate with someone communications take less work involves the effort when you are intimate you can be more efficient 4 rigid flexible less intimate relationships are the less rigid and more flexibletopics you can discuss at the dinner table and when there are intimate and personal questions you can t ask 5 awkward smooth when relationships are intimate they can be smooth awkward can be awkward without being difficult 6 public personal behaviors that they would do in a public setting when you are more intimate with someone you behave differently in more private situations physical behaviors are done when you are intimate with someone little weird habits 7 hesitant spontaneous you might be worried about how someone may judge you o you take time to think before talking 8 Overt Judgements suspended overt judgement given if you are in an intimate relationship you are less likely to be upfront and truthful in giving your judgements What are the patterns of verbal communication in distressed non distressed couples A Negative Affect Reciprocity a dissatisfied couples do more of this b when one of them shows negative emotions the other shows negative emotions as well reciprocity is so close B Demand Withdrawal was once called nag and withdrawal someone might not want to change their withdraw when the

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