UT GOV 312L - Oil Markets (5 pages)

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Oil Markets

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Oil Markets


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Gov 312l - Issues and Policies in American Government

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GOV 312L 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Current Lecture I TMFPQ II Global oil markets III Organization of petroleum exporting countries OPEC IV The Resource curse Introduction V Oil and authoritarianism VI Oil and civil war VII Oil and aggressive foreign policy Current Lecture TMFPQ I Sec y Defense Hagel fired on Monday Casualty of foreign policy crises ISIS Russia Iran Ebola and Syria and midterm elections and shifting American position from withdrawal back to war Similarly Bush fires Rumsfeld after 2006 midterms Domestic political consequences How easy confirmation for replacement in aftermath of immigration Consolidation of White Household over national security policy shift away from cabinet officials TMFPQ II Negotiations over Iranian nuclear program extended because could not reach a deal Temporary agreement limiting program remains in place Iran gets 5 b in sanctions relief Unclear how much political capital presidents Obama and Rouhani have to spend to get deal done Obama has Congressional opposition Rouhani campaigned on promise to end sanctions but Khamenei has yet to support key limits publicly Negotiating challenge whether sanctions lifted immediately Iran s position or phased Implications for today s class how do falling oil prices influence Iran s leverage These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute TMFPQ III Clip from SNL I m Just a Bill skit President Obama s immigration executive order Where do we stand Most legal scholars assume it is legal Larger debate about democracy SNL skit Opinion polls on executive action Nov 14 17 NBC WSJ Poll on support for President Obama s anticipated executive order Approve 32 Lean Approve 6 Lean Disapprove 6 Disapprove 42 Unsure 14 Disapprove Lean Disapprove 48 Approve Lean Approve 38 Was it good politics This Week with George Stephanopoulos debate between Matthew Dowd and James Carville This will likely have

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