IUB TEL-T 205 - The One With The Sex (2 pages)

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The One With The Sex

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The One With The Sex


Public Concern and the effects of sexual content

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Indiana University, Bloomington
Tel-T 205 - Intro to Media & Society

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TEL T 205 1st Edition Lecture 18 The One With The Sex 1 Sex and Media a Primary public concern i Most of policy and regulation is focused in this area because this is what parents are most troubled by ii Public concern in the wrong place 1 Why concerned a Behavioral concern starting sex at an earlier age leading to unplaneed consequences such as pregnancy teen parenthood or STI s b Where do children learn about Sex i Debate Schools or Parents ii Children learn the most from the media 1 What are the sexual norms a Common practices and expectations iii Sex Ed Teaches how is all works as well as pregnancy and STI s 1 Does not speak about the social norms of sex iv Parents Majority do not have this speech with their child 2 Sexual Content a Has changed overtime b Types of portrayals i Focused on non pornographic entertainment 1 Sex is generally glamorized a More frequently multiple partners more casual or sex with acquaintances and few consequences b People tend to be extremely attractive and more romanticized very experienced c Most of the portrayals are not visual or explicit sex acts most common in the form of discussion d New Girl Bangsgiving 3 Effects of Viewing Sexual Content a Imagery vs Ideas i Imagery has very little actual impact ii Nudity has almost no impact on behavior iii Ideas matter a lot because you gain more information 1 Influence expectations and the social norms of sex b Cognitive we learn certain ideas that are very different from reality These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute i Our perceptions become very different from what people are actually engaged in ii College students think it is happening in a more frequent way c Attitudinal i Societal Norms what s expected what I should expect from others 1 Variety in media that is not present in real life 2 Self evaluation we become more dissatisfied with our own sex life then dissatisfied

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