IUB TEL-T 205 - Race & Media Continued (2 pages)

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Race & Media Continued

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Race & Media Continued


Case Study on All in the Family and The Cosby Show

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Tel-T 205 - Intro to Media & Society
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TEL T205 1st Edition Lecture 17 Race and the Media Continued 1 All In The Family Explicitly dealt with race and prejudices a Impacts of the show i Majority of the audience identified with Archie The main characters attitudes and beliefs who is supposed to be out of touch when it comes to race in society the older generation 1 In the eyes of the audience Archie was not mocking it was validating their beliefs ii Show increased a division between blacks and whites 1 At some level the producers intent doesn t matter what is the audiences perspective on what s being produced 2 Impact of Comedy in Race a Purpose of humor is to make fun of racial stereotypes b However they have a stronger impact on racial stereotypes based on how we perceive them i In Drama we think critically about racism and look down on it counter argue ii In Comedy We do not think critically or evaluate we take at face value 1 More likely to incorporate and prime into our daily life 2 Ex Dave Chappelle left his show on comedy central after 3 seasons a Intention to tear down racial barriers and show how ridiculous stereotypes are b Felt audience was taking it the wrong way reinforcing stereotypes and so he left the show 3 Not consciously however comedy does not automatically make us think no that is wrong c Case Study The Cosby Show i In the 80 s was very popular with both black and white races ii Presented black family in an affluent lifestyle iii Provide a counter to the ghetto stereotype iv Focused on education motivation and hardwork v Impact research studies 1 Although some positives they came at a cost a Enlightened Racism Blacks are just as capable of success as whites but compared to every other belief of Blacks in the U S i Why aren t the other Black population doing well 1 Must not be focused on motivation education and hardwork These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute 2 Still inherent racism between psychological traits ii The Cosby Show did not talk about race in terms of discrimination and barriers or hurtles in place 1 Fostering this point of enlightened point of view 2 They do speak about sexism though vi Audience perspective and background matters the universe of depiction matters 3 Gender and the Media a Gender Role stereotypes i Personality traits ii Behavioral characteristics 1 Appropriate occupations 2 Appropriate Emotional responses iii Receive this information from the media 1 Crave this information by ages 5 or 6 to find some answers 2 Then we categorize the gender b Effects of exposure of these depictions i The more exposed the more likely to internalize ii Gender Identity important to ones self image iii Influencing our own perceptions and behavior 1 The more consumed the more gender stereotyped we are 4 Solutions a Either enhancing positive or mitigating negative effect i Increasing audience knowledge on stereotyping prejudice 1 It Does not work a Not conscious processes stereotypes and prejudices ii Counter stereotyping 1 Content centric providing exemplars that are different from the stereotypes that people have a These sometimes work i Need to be repeated in or to assist and have an effect in our categorization ii Reinforced by many messages 1 There needs to be a change in the volume and create a variety

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