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Peons and Power

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Peons and Power


Introduction to Peons and Power

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Comm 306 - Communication-Orgnztns/Instutn

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COMM 306 1nd Edition Lecture 18 Outline of Last Lecture I Emotional Rules and Maintenance II Dissent Outline of Current Lecture I Peon II Power Current Lecture Peon worker at or near bottom of the organization work requires minimum skills Principle for Peons 1 Fortune Favors the Bold only if bold and correct risk taking is dangerous 2 Power must demonstrate competence no immediate change 3 Tenure people around longer have more power from established networks sometimes more power than those of higher positions and disliked for it 4 Decision Making never make decisions today if can put off until tomorrow obtain more information and if wait the problem might go away 5 Modesty be humble and keep opinions to self employees are rarely able to overthrow the boss 6 Self Importance businesses will still run when one leaves businesses are not centered around one person 7 Acceptance demonstrate similarity for acceptance Power given to other people ability to get people to do something they don t want to do not something one possesses These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Bases of Power 1 Legit Assigned position in the organization 2 Coercive punishment and treat with something don t want concern people have to believe one cares control have to have control over punishment and be able to deliver it scrutiny have to be able to detect actions 3 Reward prosocial acknowledgements for something wanted concern believe care if given reward control be able to give reward scrutiny be able to notice when do a good job 4 Expert more knowledge over others 5 Referent people want to be like them Level of Influence 1 Compliance legit coercive reward expert referent 2 Identification expert referent 3 Internalization expert referent

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