UT GOV 312L - A Puzzle (6 pages)

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A Puzzle

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A Puzzle


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University of Texas at Austin
Gov 312l - Issues and Policies in American Government

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GOV 312L 1st Edition Lecture 20 Outline of Current Lecture I TMFPQ II A Puzzle III Money fundamentals IV Monetary policy in the US V The US and the international monetary system VI Exchange rates and global capital markets VII The Bretton Woods system Current Lecture TMFPQ Aftermath of democratic loss o people expected obama to reassess and lay low Presidents usually lay low and concerning on foreign policy o trade and climate control reduce deportations of illegals in US issued public support of net neutrality These are his moves Obama s move on immigration o plans to use executive power and discretion o millions of undocumented people will be allowed to remain and get work permits Is he being undemocratic o critics say he is abusing executive powers o he should be upholding the land of law but is making decrees o obama effectively lost an election his actions on immigration go against the will of the voters as expressed in the last election Institutions o We have a president and not a parliament and president has a fixed term o in parliament the prime minister changes with the majority of congress o Seeing as he is a lame duck president he can carry out policies based on other reasons rather than following congress o It is freeing as he can use executive actions but these are temporary The next president can undo them Good or bad o Some say that this will put back the immigration topic he is overreaching o Some say that the republicans will overreact and come out as racist it s a trap Keystone Pipeline o On agenda for senate vote These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o 1200 miles of pipeline carrying 830 000 barrels a day of crude from canada s oil sand o This is dirty oil takes more carbon emissions to extract it tree huggers pissed off o Defenders say oil will be used for export Environmental and job impacts o These are generally overblown o

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