WSU HD 300 - Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect (3 pages)

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Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect

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Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect


Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect

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Hd 300 - child abuse and neglect
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HD 300 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Continuum of Sexual Behavior II Assessing Child Sexual Activity III Children Unseen Victims IV Intergenerational Cycle of Abuse V Child Outcomes VI Summary Outline of Current Lecture I II III IV V VI VII Medical Team Educational Team Mental Health Professionals Religious Community Legal Team Courts Summary Current Lecture Unit 18 Community Response to Child Abuse and Neglect Medical Team Physicians o Examine and correctly diagnose o Mandated reporters o Hospitalize if necessary to treat and protect o Review medical history and evaluate needs o Act as consultants in planning treatment and intervention Nurses o Mandated reporters o In a good position to observe child abuse office hospital school public health o Often is the first medical contact o Plays a pivotal role between the family and the medical community o Is in a position to help prevent abuse educational opportunities Hospital Social Worker These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o o o o Helps coordinate the team Role depends on hospital policy Helps coordinate social services and community services All members of the medical team are mandated reporters they are required by the laws in every state to report suspected abuse Educational Team Teachers o Is in close contact with children for more hours a day than any other adult often including the parents o Mandated reporter Reporting to an administrator or reporting anonymously does not meet a teacher s legal obligations o Protocol may vary within school systems However the teacher needs to follow through to be sure the report was made o Becomes a team member Administrators o Mandated reporters o Parents may contact them about abuse in the school setting o Provide support to staff who report to them o They are liable if they do not report School Counselors o May be approached by the child or the child may be referred by teachers administrators or the school nurse o Mandated reporters Mental Health Professionals Mandated reporters Child may be regerred or abuse may become apparent in a counseling session that involves other issues Important member of the overall team Often called upon as expert witnesses Religious Community Exempt from reporting id the perpetrator confesses in confidence o However religious leaders may require that the perpetrator report as part of his her penance If anyone else brings the situation to the attention of the religious leader he or she is required to report Can play a supportive role to the child and family as part of the community team Legal Team Law Enforcement Police o Mandated reporter in every state o Performs three functions Takes reports of abuse or neglect Investigates reports Responds to emergencies o Types of reports Direct from the child Indirect from the parent caretaker teacher etc Referral school hospital CPS or other agency Pro active discovered by police while investigation another complaint o Action May make an arrest May refer the child to a child abuse unity CPS juvenile or family court Attorneys and Appointed Representatives o Attorney representing alleged perpetrator o Attorney representing the child o Guardian ad litem CASA Court appointed special assistant whose role is to evaluate the best interests of the child o District Attorney Role is to prosecute the perpetrator o Judge Determines custody status of the child Presides in criminal proceedings Juvenile Court o Deals with child placement and other issues involving the child o Judge makes the decisions Criminal Court o Deals with prosecuting the perpetrator o Judge or jury makes the decision o Many states now require incarceration for child sexual abuse Disadvantages o Adversarial o Anxiety provoking o May find insufficient grounds to proceed o Faceoff between expert witnesses Summary No one person should be in charge of making decisions involving child abuse and neglect cases Decision making should be a team effort in order to protect the best interests of the child and to help preserve the family if that is possible

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