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Guest Lecturer

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Guest Lecturer


Guest lecturer talking about the treatments used for people with substance abuse

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Washington State University
Psych 265 - biopsychological effect

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PSYCH 265 1st Edition Lecture 31 Outline of Last Lecture I Prescription drug abuse a Dangers II Pain relievers III Stimulants IV Anabolic steroids V OTC VI DXM VII Pseudoephedrine VIII Motion sickness IX Inhalants X Sudden sniffing death XI Caffeine XII Diet pills XIII Herbal ecstasy XIV Other herbals Outline of Current Lecture I Addiction II Change w o formal treatment These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute III Motivational concepts IV Motivation to change V Biopsychosocial model VI Treatment approaches VII Professional treatment VIII Treatment of substance use disorders IX Alcohol drug treatment X Special topics populations XI Alcohol drug treatment XII AA Current Lecture Addiction o Chronic often relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking despite the harmful obvious negative consequences o People who are addicted to substance is unable to resist the impulse to use thanks to the complexity of cravings and the compulsive use is triggered by the over stimulation of the brain s reward circuit o Drugs alcohol re wire brains natural chem and compel addicted person to use more and more of substance despite negative consequences Change without formal treatment o Spontaneous remission Prevalence is unknown o Maturing out is common Graduating college entering into workforce becoming parents religion or spiritually influence o Many do not mature out or enter into remission Motivational concepts o Denial What ever the problem IS it is not me Blaming Rationalization Justification o Acceptance Surface level Bad things are happening Realization that drugs and alcohol are the problem Deeper level acceptance requiring new attitude Program of recovery Disease concept Self help or 12 step program Daily maintenance Motivation to change o 5 stages of change Pre contemplation Contemplation Preparation Action Maintenance o Relapse Main purpose of

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