WSU COMSTRAT 312 - Gatekeeper Influence Over Content (3 pages)

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Gatekeeper Influence Over Content

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Gatekeeper Influence Over Content


PR professionals as gatekeepers

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Washington State University
Comstrat 312 - Principles of Public Relations
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Comstrat 312 Edition 1nd Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture 1 Simplified planning process 2 Some PR planning specifics 3 Communicating with publics Outline of Current Lecture 1 Publicity exposure 2 Gatekeeper Influence Over Content 3 Gatekeeper Influence over style print and some digital Current Lecture 1 Publicity Exposure a External uncontrolled channels mass media b Still most common in PR reflects basic media relations c Two step process i Obvious communication linkage 1 Practitioner audiences ii Publicity exposure linkage i Practitioner gatekeeper audience 2 Practitioners must think write with two audiences in mind 3 Influences both content and style of news releases 1 Gatekeeper Influence Over content a Determining news value b Local impact What is important to my readers viewers i Proximity 1 Geographic 2 Psychological ii Controversy 1 Controversy sells stories These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute iii Magnitude iv Timeliness v Prominence vi Unusualness vii Human interest viii Other media rewriting content b Keep in mind i Journalists have a strong sense of news value ii Journalists view themselves as guardians watchdogs often resent the intrusion of PR iii A weak news angle kills a release iv Consider the perspective of audience members journalists do 2 Gatekeeper influence over style print and some digital a Inverted pyramid structure i Most important facts first 1 Why 2 Straight news style 3 Readers get most important information first ii Readers can skim story get most important facts easily iii Editors can cut story from bottom to fill news hole b The lead sentence straight news i Short and tight 25 30 words as a rule limited exceptions shorter is better ii Should include as many of the five Ws as possible others come in second paragraph iii Should attract attention iv Normally stands alone as first paragraph c Basic conventions for standard print i Include the following in the heading 1 A full name and address of organization 2 Contact name and phone am pm 3 Slug name 4 Release date normally for immediate release 5 Dateline 6 Other 9e mail www links ii End each page with a complete paragraph don t hyphenate a word at the end of a line iii Type END Or 30 at the end of the release d If the release is more than one page i Type More at bottom of first page and end or 30 at bottom of last page ii Type page number and slug line on the top of pages after one

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