Pitt PSY 0010 - Stress and Health (5 pages)

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Stress and Health

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Stress and Health


Stress and Health

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Psy 0010 - Introduction to Psychology
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PSY 0010 1st Edition Lecture 16 Outline of Last Lecture I Exam 3 Study Guide Outline of Current Lecture II Stress and Health Current Lecture Stressors and Stress Stress o Physical emotional cognitive and behavioral responses to stressors Hassles Frustrations delays irritations minor disagreements etc Residual ripples from stressors Little minor hassles collectively can cause a significant amount of stress Psychological Stressors Pressure o Comes from external sources expectations Uncontrollable Uncontrollability Frustration Conflict Two desires or goals only one of which is obtainable Approach Approach o Win win situation o Two desires or goals but you have to pick one Approach Avoidance o Must choose or not choose goal with both positive and negative aspects Avoidance Avoidance o Must choose or not choose o caught between a rock and a hard place These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Fight or Flight Response Automatic physiological response Autonomic Nervous System Sympathetic Division o arouses o fight or flight Parasympathetic Division o calms o rest and digest HPA Axis ANS Activation Adrenal medulla o Secretes epinephrine and norepinephrine Secretion of glucocorticoids o What gets the fight or flight going Hypothalmalic pituitary adrenal Axis HPA Axis Secretion of glucocorticoids Hans Selye General Adaptation Syndrome Body s defense against stress Reaction to any environmental stressor Stress and Disease Heart disease o Stress increases the risk for this because of decrease in liver functions Cancer o Stress impacts t cells they are decreased or impaired and then we won t be able to fight off cancer Diabetes o Increased risk for this with an increase of stress Preventing Suicide Listen ask about feelings companioning most important Stress Appraisal Lazarus and Folkman 1984 Person environment o relationship Primary Appraisal o What is at stake Ex wont have money to pay for X or get through week if answer isn t a problem you don t go to secondary Secondary Appraisal o What can I do about it If nothing that is a big stressor o Ex about to be overdrawn in your bank account Coping Mastering tolerating or reducing stressor effects Problem focused o Eliminate or reduce source of stress by direct action o More effective Emotion focused o Change how one feels or reacts emotionally Ex scream or cry Suicide 3rd leading cause of death in adolescents in the USA Highest rate elderly white males Stress and Personality Optimists o Expect positive outcomes Pessimists o Expect negative outcomes Become an Optimistic Thinker 1 Stop and think rather than feeling and automatically responding 2 Recognize negative statements o catch yourself and step back and look at it in a better angle 3 Challenge negative thoughts Stress and Social Factors Poverty Work stress o burn out when it becomes too much Acculturation o Adapting to a new environment Acculturative Stress From need to adapt one s ways to that of majority culture Integration o Integrates their culture with the one they move to Not automatic Assimilation o Give up old culture to adapt to the new one Separation o Completely rejects new culture Marginalization o Not completely in either Dealing With Stress Preventing and Managing Preventing o Planning and organizing o Time management o Self care o Resources o buffering Managing o Stop and think o Self calming techniques o Deep breathing o Relaxation techniques Yoga prayer meditation visual imagery

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