UGA BIOL 1104 - Final Exam Study Guide (5 pages)

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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study guide covering lecture material on biodiversity, invasive species, mass extinctions, etc.

Study Guide
University of Georgia
Biol 1104 - Organismal Biology
Organismal Biology Documents

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BIO 1104 1st Edition Final Exam Study Guide Lectures 25 28 Lecture 25 What are the three requirements for natural selection 1 Trait is heritable can be passed down genetically 2 Differential reproduction individuals with a certain trait reproduce at a greater rate 3 Genetic diversity variation Name and define the three main types of biodiversity 1 Genetic diversity between genetic characteristics within a species i e alleles 2 Species diversity diversity of species in a given area 3 Ecosystem diversity diversity of ecological processes habitats and communities What are some of the challenges to measuring biodiversity 1 It costs money to discover species 2 Many species are microscopic and cannot be seen with the human eye 3 Because biologists cannot count all species they must make estimates based off of assumptions which leaves room for error 4 Some habitats are mostly unexplored such as the bottom of the ocean New species are more likely to be found in Asia Africa or South America than in the U S It is unknown how many species of insects plants etc there are There are more known species of insects than any other living thing o Relatively there are very few known species of mammals Most scientists estimate that there are 10 million species of animals o They reach this estimate by observing a pattern and extrapolating Examples of patterns Species area curve pattern in the relationship between habitat and species number Patterns among species Patterns of discovery The predicted number of species of taxonomic group is always bigger than the number of species described but the magnitude of that difference may vary o Scientists are able to make more accurate estimates for larger organisms than one celled organisms such as prokaryotes or protozoa What are some of the direct use values i e goods of biodiversity 1 Food fuel medicine or building material a Humans rely on approx 20 types of plants for food i e rice wheat corn i More genetic diversity is necessary b Plants are

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