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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


Study Guide
Indiana University, Bloomington
Sph-F 347 - Hum Dev Ii:mid Chldhd Thru Adol
Hum Dev Ii:mid Chldhd Thru Adol Documents

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F347 Exam 3 Study Guide Relationships and Parenting Class Summary Parent adolescent relationship is dyad specific Parenting Behaviors caregivers engage in that are directed at adolescents More positive actions More positive relationship Parent Youth Relationships o Relationships change Parents engage in less instrumental care e g cooking cleaning waking up Can cause role confusion for the parent o Emotional support and availability become more important o Relationships become more egalitarian Shared decision making Spend less time together Spend more time with peers or alone Must balance connectedness and autonomy Parent Youth Relationships Quality o Attachment Theory specific attachment relationships with specific caregivers described in terms of security of a parent s availability and responsiveness o Individuation Perspective process by which you become self supportive gradually taking responsibility for self and actions o Both frameworks incorporate the importance of connectedness and autonomy Connectedness Warmth support security o Support from closeness with parents parent and child initiated o Reflection of attachment relationship o Facilitates individuation and becomes psychological during adolescence o Distinct from autonomy High connectedness low autonomy Low connectedness high autonomy o Perceptions of availability and responsiveness determined by current and prior experiences determines whether or not the adolescent will seek out the parent Autonomy o Desire for increased autonomy is normal Not a rejection of parents or family o Gradual process of becoming self sufficient o Behavioral autonomy Self direction over daily choices responsible for own decisions Youth beliefs about parental authority change Parents and youths have different timetables for transferring control Domains 1 Moral stealing lying etc 2 Prudential things that can cause harm drinking driving 3 Personal clothing hairstyle friendships etc 4 Social Conventions manners politeness 5

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