UMass Amherst ANTHRO 103 - Neandertals (3 pages)

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anthro 103 - Human Origins and Variation GenEd: BS

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Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Lumpers vs Splitters II Out of Africa hypothesis III Multiregional Continuity hypothesis Outline of Current Lecture II Neandertals A Culture B Hunting C Diet D Burial E Language Current Lecture Anthro 103 1st edition Natural selection is why neandertals were able to live in cold climates Neandertal anatomy is strange but it makes sense according to Bergmann s and Allen s rules Culture Oldowan tools Austrolopithecus Homo habilis Early Homo erectus Acheulean tools Homo erectus Early Homo heidelbergensis Mousterian tools Neandertals Late Neandertals Chatelperonian These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Hunting Lacked long distance weaponry Mammoth Wooly rhinoceros Trauma arthritis physical exertion Diet Stable isotope analysis how much of a certain carbon nitrogen is in Neandertal bones and can we use this to infer their diet You are what you eat Ate veggies too Dietary stress Shanidar Cave Found bones of injured man in La Chapelle France who lived long after his injuries injuries repaired themselves Cranial injuries Blind one eye Arthritis in feet painful to walk Tough physical life Lost teeth but body fixed itself and filled in those spaces Human compassion Society took care of him He didn t die from his injuries Cave shelters overhanging rock with tools animal remains ash Similar to our homes built fire in one part prepared animals in another part living room kitchen etc Burial Neanderthals buried their dead Language Had physical appartus to make same sounds as us Babies can breathe and eat possibly lost this ability so we could speak instead Brain lateralization right brain left brain Associated with language

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