TAMU INST 210 - Gifted and Talented (2 pages)

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Gifted and Talented

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Gifted and Talented


Gifted and Talented Lecture

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Texas A&M University
Inst 210 - Understanding Special Populations
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INST 210 1st Edition Lecture 27 Outline of Last Lecture I Defining traumatic brain injury II Characteristics of individuals with TBIs III Assessment tools Outline of Current Lecture IV Defining GT V Terms trends and theories VI Thinking tendencies Current Lecture I II Definition of Gifted and Talented a Most people thing of GT as smart kids There are really intelligent kids and also kids with really specific aptitudes and talents Giftedness is different than talented Creative thinking outside the box thinking Interpersonal intelligence Manifested through visual and performing arts b Psychomotor ability Have a lot of mental movement these kids have a lot of problems holding still probably the most over medicated kids c What is the main way these GT kids get into these programs Tests teacher recommendations and parent advocacy HOWEVER GT does not necessarily have the highest scores in standardized tests b c they re not motivated There s not necessarily a correlation between GPA and giftedness These kids a lot of times fall through the cracks b c they re told to sit still and their minds aren t stimulated They get bored and don t care about the material Terms trends and theories a Asynchrony of development development doesn t line up it occurs at a different rate and pace They ll follow developmental trends They go through puberty at the same time and have normal rate of development of feature features biologically the same b Looking at other aspects other things shifts Cognitive development is accelerated they gain intelligence and learn much faster than other kids You can start noticing the differences here in intellectual achievement c Socially these kids aren t going to be your outgoing extroverts and highly popular kids because their peers aren t necessarily those who are the same age They might relate better with older kids or teachers d Emotionally when they realize they re different and struggle to fit in they struggle to find out who they are They require more support in this area a Over excitabilities b Psychomotor lots of energy intense activity competitive compulsive talking and actions nervous habits These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute c d II Sensual 5 senses they notice things that other people don t notice Imaginational imagery metaphor sarcasm sometimes blur the lines between reality and fantasy very imaginational and have a low tolerance for boredom e Emotional gifted kids feel things deeply they wear their heart on their sleeves have strong and effective expressions bond with other people and create close connections will take national disasters very seriously f Intellectual intense activity of the mind ask tough questions probing questions metacognitive in nature Ask Why and teachers often consider these questions as problem questions These kids challenge teachers and push them it s tough Thinking tendencies a Abstract b Divergent most closely related to creativity Schools are taught in a convergent style in that what is taught should lead to ONE right answer ONE way to do it This stigmatized mistakes and make people including us are paranoid in doing something wrong No right answer with many possible solutions what if there is a BETTER way to do it This is a question that many GT kids ask c Hypothetical d Dialetical reasoning in dialectical terms multi reasons of thinking not right wrong black white It depends

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