GSU BIOL 1104K - Exam 4 Study Guide (7 pages)

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Exam 4 Study Guide

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Exam 4 Study Guide


Study Guide
Georgia State University
Biol 1104k - Introductory Biology Ii
Introductory Biology Ii Documents

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BIOL 1104 1st Edition Exam 4 Study Guide Lectures Endocrine Job maintain ECF extracellular fluid ISF interstitial fluid homeostasis Plasma cells blood Hormone molecule that is carried by the blood to a target to cause an effect o Target effector that has a receptor to a specific hormone o 2 kinds Protein water soluble receptor on cell surface Steroid fat soluble intracellular receptor diffuses through membrane Germ layers controlled differently o Ectoderm nervous and dermal tissue o Endoderm secretory neuroendocrine Glands o Nervous hypothalamus posterior pituitary adrenal medulla o Endocrine thyroid anterior pituitary parathyroid adrenal cortex pancreas ovary testes Pituitary o Posterior neural cell bodies of neurons that are in the hypothalamus produce hormones They project into the post pituitary They release hormones directly into the blood here o Anterior endocrine neurons in the hypothalamus release tropic hormones into a capillary system at the blood brain barrier They turn into arteries and then back into capillaries at the anterior pituitary This is called a portal system These hormones cause the release of different hormones into the capillaries which then go to their targets Composite glands glands that have both neural and endocrine components o Examples adrenals and pituitary Hormones o Aldosterone regulate K Na o Cortisol regulate sugar Posterior pituitary hormones o AVP ADH antidiuretic hormone target kidney reduce urine production by retaining water Increase in blood osmolality causes release of it o OXY oxytocin smooth muscle contraction of mammary glands and uterus Anterior pituitary hormones o Hypothalamus ant pit target negative feedback o GHRH growth hormone releasing hormone GH growth hormone liver IGF1 o TRH thyroid releasing hormone TSH thyroid stimulating hormone thyroid thermogenesis and thyroxine TH needs iodine o GnRH gonadotropin releasing hormone LH FSH ovary testes estrogen testosterone o CRH corticotropin releasing hormone ACTH

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