TAMU ANSC 307 - Exam 3 Study Guide (13 pages)

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Exam 3 Study Guide

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Exam 3 Study Guide


Exam 3 review for lectures 16-20

Study Guide
Texas A&M University
Ansc 307 - Meats
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ANSC 307 1nd Exam 3 Study Guide Lectures 16 20 Lecture 16 November 10 Appraisal of Market Animals Appraisal of market animals knowledge necessary to evaluate market animals relative merit and market situation Relative Merit is determined by Age Weight Sex Fatness Muscling Factors affecting Relative Merit Age As animals increase in age they are likely to become less tender more flavorful darker in lean color yellow in fat color diseased fatter Not all species are affected equally Comparative effects of age on market value by species old young ratio Old Young x 100 Old animal is worth half as much as a young animal young animal worth twice as much as old Old young ratios for Beef Swine and Sheep 1 Swine least impacted 2 Beef 3 Sheep most impacted Why Beef less tender more intense flavor darker lean color yellow fat color Swine fatter can have max of 50 fat Sheep undesirable flavor condemnation due to higher incidence of disease Weight As animals increase in weight Their carcasses become fatter Their retail cuts become larger Consumers object to both fatness and excessively large too costly cuts Fatness effects For lamb carcasses the heavier the carcass the lesser the value Cut Size effects For hams the larger the ham the lesser the value Sex Sexes differ in Dressing percentages Carcass proportions Cutability Palatability Acceptability Differences are the result of age at marketing versus age at puberty Beef market at 18 months puberty at 12 months Swine market at 7 months puberty at 7 months Sheep market at 8 months Spring lamb or 14 months old crop lamb puberty at 8 months More problems for species that don t market at puberty beef and old crop lamb no problems for swine or spring lamb Dressing percentage Beef Decrease 4 to 10 heifers some bulls Heifers due to pregnancy bulls due to heavier hides and heads and less fat Swine No effect Sheep Decrease 4 to 10 in old crop lambs Same as for beef Carcass proportions Beef Chuck 2 in bulls due to crest development flank 2

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