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Exam 5 Study Guide

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Exam 5 Study Guide


Study Guide
Indiana University, Bloomington
Spea-H 124 - Health Care Management and Policy
Health Care Management and Policy Documents

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SPEA H 124 1nd Edition Exam 5 Study Guide Chapter 9 Long Term Care Used for optimal functioning not used to cure a disease but allows a person to function at their highest level o Goes against the warehouse idea putting people in an institution where they get neglected because of low regulations and mass amounts of people o I e dementia patient loses appetite and begins losing weight it is not okay to allow that person so lose weight and die off because it is preventable Defined long term care the variety of services which help meet the medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods of time typically longer than 30 days services for infants to older adults depending on need of person formal vs informal institution operation or care by family and friends coordination between informal and formal caregivers very important for the health of the patient Changing Socio demographic Impact Need Increasing lifespan changes the amount of people needing long term care more people will have chronic conditions o By 2030 19 of the population will be 65 Delayed retirement for many people in order to afford basic living necessities o Nursing homes aren t an option for many because it is expensive as well as doesn t provide a diverse community with upscale meals things to do that the new older population would find enjoyable Development of Long Term Care Services Colonial era almshouses started by European colonist 19th 20th century city and county operated homes and infirmaries Great Depression Private citizens boarded older adults for financial benefit quality issues Social Security 1935 Entitled older adults and those with disabilities to purchase long term care service entitlement program that doesn t restrict what money can be used for 1950s government loans aided not for profit nursing homes Hill Burton hospitals needed repair at this point retirement homes attached to Hill Burton s 1965 Medicare and Medicaid

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