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Psy 0160 - Psychology of Personality

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Personality Psychology Lecture 17 Outline of Last Lecture George Kelly Invitational mood Constructive Alternativism Cognitive processes Personal constructs Constructs Outline of Current Lecture Constructs Similarity pole Construct pole Person as scientist Types of constructs Verbal Preverbal Submerged Core Peripheral Construct system hierarchy Range of convenience Focus of convenience REP Test Cognitive Complexity Bieri Linville Anxiety Fear Threat Growth and Development Psychotherapy Fixed Role Therapy Evaluation Current Lecture Constructs at least 3 elements required to form one Similarity pole 2 perceived as similar to each other Contrast pole 3rd element perceived as different from the other 2 things that are similar These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Similarity similarity contrast Can NOT form a construct by observing how things are the same Constructs are not dimensional no continuum between the poles they are separate o White and black with no gradients of gray in middle Person as Scientist Like scientists we o Develop theories o Test hypotheses o Weigh evidence o Are future oriented concerned about whats going to happen in future how what were doing now will affect future Use constructs to anticipate events When form constructs we approach it in scientific way Can try on different constructs and test them out and get rid of them if don t work or adopt if they do work Types of Constructs Verbal can be expressed in words can talk about them o Ex construct of good pizza has cheese sauce mushrooms onions etc o Ex construct of what it means to be good mom is caring listening etc o Ex construct of what will happen when I see my friends band play is that itll be fun etc Preverbal learned before the person develops ability to use language formed when very young o Similar to Freudian unconscious Submerged one end of a bipolar construct similarity vs

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