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Exam 2 Study Guide

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Exam 2 Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Ht-Mgt 355 - Menu & Food Production Mgt
Menu & Food Production Mgt Documents
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HTM 355 1st Edition Exam 2 Study Guide Exam 2 will consist of Multiple Choice Questions Fill In the blank Questions Costing problems o Based on exercises done in class Cumulative Review from Semester Lectures 1 What are the four greatest causes of excess cost in a foodservice operation Inefficiency Fraud Errors Waste 2 What is an operating cycle of control A control cycle that divides any food and beverage operation into a series of coordinated procedures that are necessary to profitable and efficiently supply food and beverage products and services to guests 3 components o Pre Purchase Functions o FOH Functions o BOH Functions 3 Why is it important to have a basic control procedure within each function and sub function of the operating cycle of control A basic control procedure sets standards SOPs and verifies that an OCC function Prepurchase FOH BOH is operating correctly If not corrective action is taken to correct the error It is necessary to have the basic control procedure within each sub function standardized recipes purchasing receiving production service etc as well for the very same reasons 4 What are the BOH Functions Receiving Activities Most Important control system in place Invoice Management Accounts matching PO s with invoice payment Storage Inventory FIFO Food Safety Preventing Thef Product Issuing Kitchen Production Forecasting Following Recipes Menu Planning Purchasing Receiving Storing Inventory Management ect 5 What are the FOH Functions Guests o Attract Guests o FOH Standard Operating Procedures Guests are greeted and served servers take orders and deliver food guest check FOH Standard Operating Procedures o Guests are greeted and served o Servers take orders and deliver food o Guest Check Guest Check Average check per shif day week Seat Turnover Menu Item Popularity Sales and Expense forecasts ect Seating Sales Service Bussing Payment 6 What is considered to be the primary tool for data collection in the FOH The GUEST CHECK because it provides endless amounts of information to the facility Average check per shif day week month Seat turnover Menu item popularity Server Statistics Meal Period Sales Cash Reports Sales and Expense Forecasts Revenue Forecasts and Budgets Measure marketing success failure 7 How does a menu control all subsystems functions of an operation Is the common core to all functions of an operation Controls each subsystem Is the determining factor for the budget The menu is going to determine the kind of equipment the facility must have as well as the skill level of workers 8 What is HACCP and what does it stand for HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point This is the preferred system for assuring food safety 9 What are the 8 Class 1 allergens that food service managers need to be aware of Milk Eggs Wheat Soy Peanuts Tree Nuts Fish Shellfish 10 What are the temperatures that hot cold foods need to be served to the public in accordance with Massachusetts State Law temperatures that Marriott Meals abides by All hot foods must be held at 140 degrees or above All cold foods must be held at 41 degrees and below 11 Why is the portion cost so important to management Portion cost determines the selling price 12 How do external factors influence the portion cost They can drive up or down prices depending on supply and demand Example Drought in California is raising prices But corn prices have gone down 13 Why are APQ and EPQ relevant with portion costing APQ amount of raw products purchased all product received at the door is needed for purchasing quantities and preparation EPQ Product has been processed in some way peeled trimmed is required for portion cost and selling cost 14 What is the Minimum Menu Pricing Formula MMP Cost per portion Q Factor Cost Per Dish Cost Per Dish X 1 SF True Cost per dish TCPD standard food cost MMP Reference Class worksheet 15 What is the Q Factor and how is it determined calculated Used for side dishes offered w a semi a la carte menu items Used to address the SIDE dishes offered in an entr e Dollar and Sense Value USE MOST EXPENSIVE OPTIONS for cushion How is it calculated Found by adding up the most expensive sides in a dish ie Salads dressings vegetables starches 16 What is the Spice Factor and how is it determined calculated Spice Factor is a Percent Used to account for garnishes on the dish and factor that into the total cost of the menu item Identify from recipes and inventory lists which products belong to which category Determine the cost of purchasing these items over a period of time How is it calculated Total value of garnishes spices or expensive ingredients purchased total value of purchases a What are the rules of rounding for the Spice factor Round to the hundredth 17 What does a butcher test determine Determines what is actually servable afer trimming Cost of product Yield 18 What does a cooking loss test determine Measures what is servable afer the cooking process has taken place 19 Why is an efficient and effective purchasing system required in a foodservice operation Makes sure that all of the right products amounts of products are ordered What TYPE of product to buy Several different things to consider before purchasing so it is critical that the system helps to manage it 20 What are the Five Rights Purchasing Mission Statement 1 The RIGHT product in Specifications 2 The RIGHT quantity from right order size 3 The RIGHT supplier at Right distribution center 4 The RIGHT price at level of quality 5 The RIGHT time Assurance of inventory levels 21 What are Specifications Why are these important Are precise characteristics They are important because they determine the quality of products what is going to be purchased 22 What are Quality Standards for food products Why are these important 1 Product taste 2 Quality of Ingredients 3 Portion Size 4 Methods of Preparation 5 Level of Service 6 Overall guest experience non quality experience occurs when these are not taken into account Quality is the perceived value to the guest so Quality standards will help in deciding what should be purchased 23 What documentation information sources are required for purchasing accurately 1 Sales history records of the business history of an operation 2 Sales Forecasts Developed from sales history predicts how many guests are expected 3 Popularity s 24 Why is it important to monitor popularity percentages Pop will determine menu item counts AND order quantities 25 Why is it important to develop and maintain a par

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