Pitt PSY 0160 - Genetics and Personality (4 pages)

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Genetics and Personality

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Genetics and Personality


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Psy 0160 - Psychology of Personality

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Personality Psychology Lecture 15 Outline of Last Lecture Temperament Thomas and Chess New York Longitudinal study Easy temperament Difficult temperament Slow to warm up temperament Dimensions of Temperament Buss and Plomin Emotionality Reactivity Sociability Kagan Inhibited Uninhibited Biological Influences of Inhibition Amygdala Frontal Cortex Stathmin protein Evolutionary Psychology Proximate causes Ultimate causes Evolved Tendencies Contents of Human Nature Buss Need to belong Helping and altruism Universal Emotions Ekman Mate preferences Parenthood Jealousy Eagly and Wood Outline of Current Lecture Genetics and Personality Behavior genetics Heritability coefficient Selective breeding Molecular genetics Gene environment interactions Shared and nonshared environment These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Brain SES and serotonin Current Lecture Genetics and Personality Humans born with pair of 23 chromosomes each chromosome has different genes that direct synthesis of proteins that guide development o Genes don t govern behavior directly but influence biological development of organism Behavior genetics study of genetic contributions to behavior o Estimate the degree to which variation in psychological characteristics is due to genetic factors o Interaction between genes and environment not just genetics that dictate behavior Heritability coefficient H2 statistic that refers to the proportion of observed variance in a group of individuals that can be accounted for by genetic variance o Refers to variation in population examined in given study o Between variance due to genetics 0 1 variance due to genetics o Describes the degree to which genetic differences among individuals cause differences in an observed property height extraversion optimism o Highly consistent results o Does NOT indicate degree to which genetics accounts for fact that particular

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