Pitt PSY 0160 - Factor analysis (4 pages)

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Factor analysis

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Factor analysis


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University of Pittsburgh
Psy 0160 - Psychology of Personality

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Personality Psychology Lecture 12 Outline of Last Lecture Trait Theory Trait Theorists Gordon Allport o Cardinal traits o Central traits o Secondary traits Raymond Cattell o Factor analysis Outline of Current Lecture Factor analysis Step 1 5 Cattell 3 categories of source traits Ability traits Temperament traits Dynamic traits 16 PF Test Hans Eysenck Secondary factor analysis 3 factor model Super factors Extraversion Neuroticism Psychoticism Measurement Psychopathology Current Lecture Factor Analysis simplifies information contained in large table of correlations by distilling narrowing down what items go together Step 1 collect trait ratings from many people o More subjects more reliable data o A F items traits o Run correlation coefficients between people and traits o Ex Indecisiveness correlates high with depression brooding etc Step 2 calculate correlations among items traits These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute Step 3 extract factors from the correlation matrix and see what seems to fall together o see correlation with each item with each factor we pulled out Step 4 calculate factor loadings Step 5 review the loadings and name the factors o Naming of factors is subjective o Conclusions about factor analysis come from high correlation between traits and factors o Loadings of 3 4 are considered significant Reduces multiple reflections surface base traits of personality to smaller sets of traits o Because some things do go together its not reasonable to analyze individualize but better to generalize o Want to be able to describe everyone with set of definitive traits Provides basis for arguing that some traits matter more than others Helps in developing assessment devices for personality Cattell 3 categories of source traits Source traits pull together surface traits to decrease number Ability traits skills that allow the individual to function

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