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President duties

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President duties


Duties of the President, powers, limits

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Pols 110 - American National Politics
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POLS 110 1st Edition Lecture 22 Outline of Last Lecture I Creating legislation II Who starts it III The committee process IV Presidential roles in the domestic sphere V Presidential roles in the foreign policy sphere VI Overlap in the President s Domestic and Foreign Policy Roles Chief Executive and Chief of State VII The President and the Executive Branch VIII Presidential Succession IX Sources of presidential power X The people as sources of presidential power XI The evolution of presidential power XII Women in the White House Outline of Current Lecture I Head of State II Head of Executive branch III Commander in chief IV Primary legislator V Vetoes Current Lecture I Head of State a Every nation has some person who serves as the official representative of the nation for formal circumstances b In some nations the Head of State is a separate position Germany France Italy These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute II III IV V c The formal duties of the president are many and often take up a large portion of the president s schedule d Awarding medals dedicating buildings calling the Twins after they win the World Series etc e Most presidents don t like because their schedules are so busy Head of Executive branch a President b The Ex Branch consists of all of the government that is not directly under the control of congress or the courts c Most people who work for the government work for the Ex Branch and are thus under the control of the president d Currently 1 7 million people under control of the president i Does not include Dept of Defense so only civilians e Only limit is budget he has to work within which is approved by Congress f He cannot do anything illegal obviously g When president makes some rule such as the deportation issue Obama just addressed it only lasts as long as the president is in office h Other than this president has a lot of flexibility Commander in chief a The president is the official head of the entire U S military b The president has the final say on all military issues including the deployment of troops and the use of nuclear weapons c By definition when swearing oath of loyalty to country and Constitution military people are swearing loyalty to President Primary legislator a The president often serves as the focus for legislation b The agenda presented in the State of the Union address required by the Constitution often serves as the blueprint for the agenda in Congress i President had to have involvement because legislation shifted to make them involved ii Roosevelt changed State of Union from what HAPPENED to what needs to HAPPEN Vetoes a President has power to kill legislation b Traditional veto a list of objections the president has to a bill this can be overridden by Congress c A pocket veto only occurs at the end of the Congressional session i Much more common in horse and buggy days when president wouldn t be back in White House to sign in time etc d The line item veto the power to eliminate parts of a Bill without killing the entire bill i Only applies to governors ii WI governor used to be able to cross our letters ex doesn t could be changed to does

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