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Final Exam Study Guide

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Final Exam Study Guide


Study Guide
University of Tennessee
Arch 212 - History/Theory of Arch II
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ARCH 212 Edition 1nd Final Study Guide Lectures 1 33 ARCHITECT LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI TEMPIO MALATESTIANO located in Rimini Italy sponsored by Sigismondo Malatesta looks like a temple unfinished exterior fa ade tomb on the inside for the Malatesta family gothic windows on existing building ARCHITECT ANDREA PALLADIO VILLA BARBARO located at Maser built for Daniele Marc Antonio Barbaro divides into 2 parts Agriculture and living interior painting creates architecture illusion ARCHITECT MIMAR SINAN SELIMIYE MOSQUE OR MOSQUE OF SELIM II Located in Edirne Turkey includes a school baths soup kitchens and a marketplace Sinan wanted to build the mosque larger than the Hagia Sophia which was originally a Christian church the dome sits higher than the Hagia Sophia puts emphasis on squares and circles in the plan interior very decorative creates a unified space with the centered dome grand fa ades on each side of the main building ARCHITECT FRANCESCO BORROMINI SAINT IVO DELLA SAPIENZA located in Rome Francesco Borromini finished the building built for the University of Rome brick on the exterior with stone columns dome helix effect with sphere on top shows how natural light effects the building interior expands from the ground plan changes idea about weight support carves out apse like spaces on the exterior layers of masonry to create curves Interior crisp lines on triangle connection to curvature that leads up to the dome building doesn t have regular geometry CULTURAL CATEGORY EDO JAPAN DRY GARDEN OF RYOAN JI MONASTERY located at Kyoto man made garden part of Zen Buddishm architecture A kare sansui garden puts you in a mountain like environment looks unregulated but is very organized the sand is ranked every day garden without plants composed idea of limitless purity and strong sense of the void Interior screens that open up or close off rooms ARCHITECT GIAMBATTISTA PIRANESI LION BAS RELIEFS from the CARCERI SERIES Relief painting abstract gives the illusion of limitless ARCHITECT E TIENNE LOUIS BOULLEE CENOTAPH PROPOSAL HONORING ISSAC NEWTON Large corridor that leads into the spherical space sphere interior holes that allow sunlight to give the impression of stars in the night sky elevated off the ground gives the sense of being immersed into outer space theme Knowledge Knowledge in architect darkness and its role in light sublime grand scale ROYAL LIBRAY PROPOSAL located in Paris unbuilt Barrel vaulting ceiling in a long basilica amphitheater on the sides where the books are located Theater of Knowledge large impractical grandiose ARCHITECT SIR JOHN SOANE HOUSE AT LINCOLN S INN FIELDS or SIR JOHN SOANE MUSEUM located in London Located in Lincoln s Inn Fields in London England living space is more in the front the townhouse features a collection of antiquities and architecture forms interior flat elevated domes for ceilings maze like interior BANK OF ENGLAND located in London Big bank institution intended to be modern new typology the beginning of issuing public bonds and other public financing includes many pendentives each room has its own variety experience ARCHITECT GEORGE DANCE THE YOUNGER NEWGATE PRISON located in London Central block for administrative only block with windows pediment niches with sculptors that represent values of the law other two blocks have no windows late gothic style for fortifying no longer standing ARCHITECT ABRAHAM DARBY SEVERN RIVER BRIDGE located in Coalbrookdale U K has an ogee arch iron cast iron bridge greater degree of compressive strength industrial infrastructure exposes the framework vision of the iron framework ARCHITECT GEORGE GILBERT SCOTT ST PANCRAS STATION Located in London U K arched trusses create a basilica iron and glass very open allows air to move through open on one end covers the tracks building next to tracks station designed like a hotel for travelers grandiose bringing together the old new architecture ARCHITECT JOSEPH PAXTON CRYSTRAL PALACE Located in London U K 1851 as rebuilt and enlarged in Sydenham Park in 1854 burnt in 1936 World Trade exhibition event show mechanic industry made for iron and glass that can be assembled and reassembled construction parts are all mass produced designed the parts to be easily put together lack of site specifics new order of architecture building expresses the thinness of the walls allows a lot of light ARCHITECT VICTOR BALTARD LES HALLES MARKET Located in Paris Market for food domed area sells wheat Doesn t have closed off walls Arcades on the inside and outside Very busy merchandise everywhere Open to vehicles and horses Idea of commercialized city and greenhouse coverings Cleaning up the city street Covered with iron glass PLANNER URBAN DESIGNER GEORGES HAUSSMANN URBAN PLAN OF PARIS ideal city network Brought health Social order Short building heights to allow light in the streets Improvement of air flow Sewage drain system underground regulated tree line very regulated buildings sloped roofs particular balcony length width building height width length covered walkways porticos arcades idea of creative destruction Tore down old Medieval streets and buildings to modernize city long straight avenues that link up to train stations ex Boulevard Sebastopol CULTURAL CATEGORY ANASAZI MESA VERDE Apart of the Anasazi culture built on the side of a cliff link to earth nature embedded in the earth some cyclical towers some remains of kiva foundations rectangular buildings considered the most developed of the Anasazi culture CULTURAL CATEGORY MISSISSIPPIAN NATCHEZ GRAND VILLAGE Located in Natchez Mississippi mound tradition that Hectreflexes the pyramids some mounds are shaped arranged to look like animals snakes bears etc the central mound was for the chief ruler Great Sun ARCHITECT THOMAS JEFFERSON MONTICELLO Located in Charlottesville VA Includes a working farm Emphasis on the beauty and value of nature Idea of creating productive almost interpretive building Serpent path around the house and through the garden Arrangement of the site with the landscape in relation to Palladio s Villa Rotunda Interesting axis through site and main house On top of a hill Position of the house Plan has two facades and a cross axis that divides the house into four sections The dome is the focal point of the house Plan of basement and service wings were subterranean or sunken Long corridors ACADEMICAL VILLAGE Located in Charlottesville Virginia University of Virginia Different pavilions for professorships Behind the

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