TAMU GEOG 202 - Geopolitical Change (4 pages)

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Geopolitical Change

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Geopolitical Change


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Geog 202 - Geog Of Global Village

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GEOG 202 Lecture 20 Outline of Last Lecture South Asian Diaspora o Agriculture o Urban South Asia o Cultural Coherence and Diversity o Religious Diversity Linguistic Diversity Outline of Current Lecture o Geopolitical Change o Geopolitical Issues o Economy o The Rise of India o South Asian Issues Ch 13 Southeast Asia o What is it o Physical Setting o Climate o Environmental Issues o Population and Settlement o Cultural Coherence and Diversity These notes represent a detailed interpretation of the professor s lecture GradeBuddy is best used as a supplement to your own notes not as a substitute o Geopolitical Current Lecture o o o o Geopolitical Change 1500 s until early 1700 s Mughal Empire British East India Trading Company in mid 1700 s 1856 Became British colony 1947 British withdrew from South Asia The British Partition 1947 Britain withdrew leaving India and Pakistan divided Hindu and Muslim majorities respectively Result of Partition brutality and sovereignty Hundreds of thousands massacred Millions displaced Pakistan split 1971 Bangladesh East Pakistan West Geopolitical Issues Kashmir severe religious conflict and disputed claim between India Pakistan and China Most dangerous place in world Ticking time bomb in Kashmir India and Pakistan Nuclear weapons Pakistan in War on Terror Pre 9 11 supported Taliban US used diplomatic and economic incentives to enlist Pakistan as ally in War on Terror Tribes in western part of country violently disagree and still actively support Taliban Refuge for Osama Bin Laden Top scientist transferred nuclear technology to North Korea Iran and Libya 2007 assassination of former PM and presidential candidate 2008 Mumbai India terror attack by Pakistani citizens Economy Region of striking contrasts Worlds poorest region along w Sub Saharan Africa but immense wealth High tech but high illiteracy Micro loans to women Funding through foundations and NGOs Non government organizations Now potential fraud Nobel prize winning banker accused

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